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1 At first they resisted the call for reform.
2 But he says pressure for broad reform on the next Cuban leader, from inside Cuba and outside, will grow.
3 Our reporter Guan Xin takes a closer look at China's reform and the process of opening up the country, a miracle that has made China the world's second largest economy in just 30 years.
4 The public was at first ambivalent; but the more the president campaigned, the less popular the idea became, until the Republicans ran for cover, and reform died.
5 As for the content, I can tell you that on average people in Zurich have a liberal attitude to this reform.
6 Until now, the centre-that is, perhaps no more than 200 unelected, often elderly, men-have by and large kept control of the reform process and of the country as a whole.
7 's striking about the contrast between the Texas story and Georgia's debacle is that it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the issues that have dominated debates about banking reform.
8 Thus a flagship reform has become a messy compromise designed to comfort politicians rather than patients; a change intended to improve efficiency instead threatens to be both chaotic and costly.
9 prisoners who had missed from the place of reform through labour were picked up within 24 hours.
10 When Shizuka Kamei, the minister of financial services and postal reform, unveiled plans in March to halt the planned privatisation of Japan post, several ministers publicly balked.
11 We have never doubted of the success of our reform.
12 Even the staunchest opponents of spelling reform should feel dismayed at seeing the list in the title of this essay.
13 Of course, some liberals honestly disagreed with us on welfare reform, trade, fiscal responsibility, and national defense.
14 Without the reform of the economic management system our industry will rot.
15 This is part of reform for a healthy future, and it is imperative.
16 Chavez spoke to thousands of supporters shortly after the release of results showing a clear victory for the reform plan. Mr.
17 If these bold ideas make it into the group's final compromise the Gang of Six may yet come up with a version that will win strong bipartisan support and form the backbone of any final reform bill.
18 In Romania and Slovakia attempts to reform the judiciary have stalled.
19 challenge now is for the presidency and the commission to give fresh political impetus to the EU's stalled reform drive.
20 Without dramatic reform, it will slip swiftly to number four, number five and beyond.
21 biggest barrier to such a reform in the past has come from congressional Republicans.
22 Reform of the EU's Common Agricultural Policy, particularly of sugar supports, will reduce these subsidies sharply and, by 2013, few will remain.
23 All this sounds fine, if overdue; but can the FSA really reform itself without a more radical redesign of the system?
24 But signs of reform fatigue have led her party to sing the praises of patriotism and family values.
25 Revolution means the emancipation of the productive forces, and reform also means the emancipation of the productive forces.
26 reform of society must be reconciled with the demands of ordinary people.
27 She has tried to reform society all her life.
28 The report illustrates the importance of a multi-commodity approach to reform, as gains and losses do differ greatly by market.
29 And despite all the noisy wrangling between her and Barack Obama over whether to oblige individuals to buy health insurance, the Democratic contenders have pretty similar reform proposals.
30 After months of wrangling, the Democrats managed to push (different) reform bills through the House and the Senate; all they needed to do was to reconcile the two bills into a final law.