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No. sentence
1 You have to reflect on how to answer his questions before you get to his house.
2 We should often reflect on our past mistakes.
3 This may reflect the ambivalent nature of a “settlement”, based on a blanket amnesty and with the territory’s future wide-open.
4 This, of course, will happen only if you spend time to reflect on your life and work.
5 You should reflect these in the requirements and business rules.
6 So our software should also reflect this change.
7 As we described before, each human task consists of an input and an output message, which the HTML form must also reflect.
8 They reflect our mood and our confidence level.
9 Any economist knows what to do: price water to reflect its value.
10 Changing the grammar is usually a different sort of task than changing the application logic; and the files reflect this.
11 Your conduct will seriously reflect upon your future.
12 I am so cheerful and yet so sad that my tears reflect at once both heaven and earth.
13 Furthermore, test results can differ across platforms, so you need to reflect your production environment in your test environment.
14 Such attacks reflect in part the German state's troubled relationship with family policy in the past.
15 More greenery in a city, spread through streets and over roofs, means more cooling as water evaporates from leaves; the bits which are not green can be painted white, to reflect sunlight.
16 Mr. Miller said the remnants of the aircraft suggested extensive use of nonmetallic composite parts, which reflect less radar energy.
17 titles that Eikhenbaum keeps talking about -how Don Quixote was Made, how Gogol's Overcoat was Made - reflect the preoccupation of the Russian formalists with how literature is put together.
18 Generally speaking, the blood box level may reflect indirectly thrusts out the island function and the insulin secretion level or the effect.
19 Although" more complex in theory, "this system might be simpler to use in practice, because it would more closely reflect the" contours of creative life.
20 They send out radio waves that reflect off raindrops, airplanes, bats, and so forth.
21 In the end, just keep in mind that people born under the Sign of Aries like physical challenges and are looking for a dating experience that will reflect that.
22 You could also create a separate service for each functional capability, but this would result in a very complex system that would not reflect good encapsulation and cohesion.
23 Your stability, endurance and integrity depend on your inner resources, and the quality of your life reflect them.
24 Generally speaking, if you have a file open in the editor, the other views reflect different aspects of that file.
25 Rustem, of the European Roma and Travellers Forum based in Brussels, says the case is exceptional and does not reflect practices in Romania or anywhere else.
26 Precisely because evil so often goes unpunished in this world, he asserts, the moral code must reflect another reality, in which souls are judged, punished, or rewarded after death.
27 These results reflect not only the shift in the value proposition of cloud computing toward business impact but also a macroeconomic shift in business priorities from cost cutting to revenue growth.
28 At Oxford, I could reflect on the American black man.
29 Yes, each of them can reflect on that moment.
30 To some extent, such incidents, as terrible as they are, merely reflect the frequency of such transactional hazards in the wider world.