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No. sentence
1 They use more pronouns referring to oneself (" I ", "my", etc.) and talk more about school.
2 Referring to his headgear, he said: "I found this Japanese hat."
3 Pretzel is indeed thought to come from a German word bretzel described as referring to a kind of thin bread roll twisted into a knot and salted before baking.
4 He could have been referring to what some consider one of the greatest recent discoveries of neuroscience: mirror neurons.
5 Indeed, we broke with a decade of tradition by referring to you throughout by your first name.
6 As the word came down to English in the 16th century through Latin it narrowed its meaning from including things like garlic to mostly referring to Onions.
7 Both translate as happiness, but the latter is what Jefferson was referring to.
8 I think you should stop talking before I elongate your neck,” Jane joked. “The emancipation you’re referring to was a serious and significant issue back then.
9 As runners, we all want to increase our endurance, but we're often referring to two different things.
10 This phenomenon is truly ubiquitous and populates the solar wind," said McIntosh, referring to the wind of hot particles that pours out of the sun and out into space.
11 If for some reason you are not willing to lead,” he said, referring to an arrogant comment on leadership by one of the American delegates, “leave it to the rest of us.
12 I knew the lady was referring to Bill when she spoke of a bright young lad.
13 Also, in the query [dura ace track bb axle njs] the “bb” is probably referring to a bottom bracket while in the query [software update on bb color id] the “bb” probably means blackberry.
14 Referring to this journal often will show you how much time you waste by worrying.
15 Relatives, friends and fellow colleagues, I have given up everything and eloped with Wang Qin," he wrote, referring to the founder of Jiangsu Zhongfu Science and Technology Industrial Group co.
16 Referring back to Figure 1, you see how the abstract model generates one model for the SQL and another for the PHP through the Database access model.
17 Gregory lists other common Soviet terms such as "former people" and "marginals," referring to those whose alleged offenses or lack of productivity made them unworthy of any consideration.
18 By referring to your trading journal, you learn from your past mistakes.
19 He talked of beginning to leave Iraq, and rejected a "false" choice between safety and democratic ideals, referring to the torture and detention policies of the grey-haired Mr Bush sitting nearby.
20 Create three new binding statements, each referring to one of the nodes in the editor instance.
21 the first time in history, the Iranians are envious of the Arabs," said one activist, referring to Persians' historic sense of superiority to Arab countries.
22 Parameters shock – referring to the large changes of models or revaluation parameters such as volatilities and correlations.
23 Referring to the impact to China, if China will face hot money inflows and the counter-measures adopted by China.
24 Placing a single component view in each plug-in resolves whatever confusion may result from having properties from several components display when referring to a single one in the CAE UI.
25 When I read the title Flexible morality of user engagement and user behaviour, I thought it was referring to Guardian commenters.
26 position number is needed in case the node has siblings of the same type and name, to indicate which one we're referring to.
27 We only have 50 years of observations of the Arctic," Miller said, referring primarily to satellite sea ice observations.
28 When referring to the classes Open Close Principle can be ensured by use of Abstract classes and concrete classes for implementing their behavior.
29 If we did this, Washington would be on fire," says one executive at the cable company who is familiar with the talks, referring to the likely reaction of regulators and lawmakers.
30 I once posted an article referring to a talk I gave in Munich.