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No. sentence
1 I suggest you refer your questions to him.
2 In order to successfully refer when we use language, there must be an appropriate relationship between the speaker and the object referred to.
3 Local authorities must refer everything to the central ministries.
4 mention this point now in passing and shall refer to it again.
5 I refer to this as extend mode to distinguish it from the embed mode because of the different location and implementation of localization pack managers.
6 This rule does not refer to children.
7 After the refactoring, all USES of that number or string literal in the class refer to that field, instead of the number or string literal itself.
8 In Europe 'mocha coffee' can refer either to this drink or simply to coffee brewed with mocha beans.
9 Even though this is an HACMP concept, it can be used on any clustered or standalone system to refer to a network service offered by a system.
10 you are done, put this sheet where you can refer to it. Setting goals is really this simple, so take a few minutes now and change your life.
11 We refer to your Order NO. AF378 and regret to tell you that we are not able to accept your order because our stock of black tea is exhausted and we have no idea when the material will be restocked.
12 Jim records his workout so that he can refer to it and think about how he should improve his workout the next day.
13 Refer to Part 1 of this series for more detailed steps on how to do this.
14 Article 22. Items that are deducted as specified in item 3 of paragraph 1 of article 21 of this set of regulations in determining the customs value refer to.
15 If people contact us with pets they want to have adopted, we refer them to other agencies," she said.
16 The Russians refer to garlic as Russian penicillin.
17 That remark does not refer to [direct at] her.
18 For this series of articles, when we refer to applications, we are really talking about just a portion of the overall application.
19 Another solution would be to simply hide one of these clashing methods and resolve all matching method calls to refer to the method not hidden.
20 Typically, you should not need to refer to the log file, unless you encounter problems with the tool and need further information to debug them.
21 In this section, we'll introduce these tools, which we'll refer to and use throughout the series.
22 This, however, means that a claim to support SOAP as a means of communication can only refer to message format, not to transport protocol or payload format.
23 Note: refer to this document as a starting reference point for all other integration documents.
24 An abstract representation, on the other hand, might refer to the corn plant as a source of energy or as a fast growing plant.
25 You can define an object once and refer to the object throughout the form.
26 You can refer to datapool fields by index or by name in your script.
27 We should refer our application back to the manager as soon as possible.
28 The poor man is wont to complain that this is a cold world; and to cold, no less physical than social, we refer directly a great part of our ails.
29 But when I refer to a crescent moon I'm usually just intending to communicate its fingernail-clipping shape.
30 Regarding specific questions on the report including the China working group, I advise you to refer you question to the Ministry of Commerce.