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No. sentence
1 Orikawa Yuukichi has watched the town he grew up in reduced to twisted metal and splintered wood.
2 was reduced to a kind of nibbled cheese rind, and it always disappeared before we expected it to.
3 The result is there is no signal - or at least a very reduced signal - for the receiving antenna to receive.
4 The number of memory operations can be reduced significantly that way.
5 We've not only prevented a lot of customer issues, we have greatly reduced the number of testers necessary to ensure the absence of recall-class bugs.
6 growth of microfinance has reduced local politicians' ability to use rural credit as a tool of patronage. That puts MFIs in the firing line.
7 Zimbabweans have been reduced to subsistence (some survive on roots and berries), barter, and remittances and handouts from abroad.
8 Some English vowel sounds which are not given weight in speech become reduced to a rather formless central vowel.
9 Relentless winds have scored fine lines into the top of a dune and swept sand into a mangrove forest, smothering trees that are now reduced to denuded trunks.
10 The teacher soon reduced the noisy class to order.
11 The towers themselves were reduced to jagged stumps; the atrium lobby arches looked like a bombed out cathedral.
12 Timber companies offered jobs. But wages from those jobs bought clear-cuts that reduced forests to stumps, destroying bear habitat and salmon spawning grounds.
13 You might not think so when you get started, since you need to learn so many new tools, but once you have an XML solution in place your site management chores will be dramatically reduced.
14 The cowboy who hated to work unmounted was often reduced to riding a haymow, mending fences, and applying medicines to sick cattle.
15 We reduced resource costs by over 93%!
16 If they are propped up so that your neck is flexed, with your chin tilting toward your chest, the size of your airway is reduced, which could make breathing, snoring and apnea worse.
17 Within days, even before I knew about the multistory glass office building destined to occupy that block, my find had been reduced to a pile of rubble.
18 The heat-island effect, as it's known, could be reduced by as much as two degrees during the summer if enough paved yards turn grassy.
19 The Windows of larger buildings were smashed and the tile roofs of houses had crumbled to the ground, while old concrete-block walls were reduced to rubble.
20 You have to constantly evaluate the productivity of the team and assess the remaining Backlog to determine if it can be reduced to zero.
21 This is not only faster because of the reduced bandwidth usage, but also faster because the stored procedure can be precompiled.
22 If you truly embrace the iterative approach, the number of reviews should automatically be reduced.
23 That means some other component of demand must increase to compensate for the reduced consumption.
24 No matter what their views towards junk food are, they would not welcome the idea of having their choices reduced.
25 Of course this would only work if buyers reduced their demand in response to the tax increase in prices.
26 Making a decision of that magnitude cannot be reduced to a formula.
27 pollution into streams will be reduced because large volumes of rainwater will be harvested for reuse instead of entering the water pollution cycle.
28 's ironic that this country which has such a traditional culture and superior qualities in culture now has reduced itself to this.
29 Although intentional “I's” andcultural “we's” cannot be reduced to, or explained by, social systems ofecological processes, they cannot exist without them, either.
30 Combined with reduced blood flow, neuropathy in the feet increases the chance of foot ulcers and eventual limb amputation.