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red flannel in a sentence

1. Frogs have been caught on fish hooks baited with red flannel and green frogs (Rana clamitans) have been found with stomachs full of elm seeds that they had seen floating past.

2. scarlet material to form the red was secured from red flannel petticoats of officers' wives, while material for the blue union was secured from Capt.

3. Although most Southern-style conjure bags are made of red flannel material, most seasoned conjurers use color symbolism.

4. Volunteer fire companies varied in the completeness and details of their uniforms, but they all wore the red flannel shirt.

5. Captain John Sears gave us some strips of red flannel about 4 inches wide.

6. The men wore bright red flannel, felt clothes, and spiked boots to hold them onto the floating logs;

7. A red flannel hash is made with beets instead of potatoes.

8. About 300 people witnessed his coronation, for which he wore a bright red flannel robe which was topped by a white collar with black speckles.

9. In a bid for publicity, the park put famous Broadway actress Marie Dressler in charge of the peanut-and-popcorn stands, with young boys dressed as imps in red flannel acting as salesmen.

10. Standing Bear later wrote that red flannel underwear caused "actual torture."

11. He remembered the red flannel underwear as "the worst thing about life at Carlisle."

12. The club was well known in its infancy, as "Red Flannel" because of the fabric and the color of their clothing.

13. Ribstone Pippin (from The Tale of the Pie and the Patty-Pan) asking for the loan of a red flannel petticoat to wear as a comforter.

14. a bearded Santa Claus Sperm, wearing a red stocking hat with a white pompom and a red flannel body suit;

15. In a final display of protest against this clause of the anti-socialist laws, female socialists began wearing red flannel petticoats.

16. Women sewed red flannel shirts and made other garments of red.

17. He had a tremendous black beard, too, an' wore a red flannel shirt open at the neck, an' his pant legs tucked in high boots.

18. New Earth Mud, the Zen Tricksters, Red Flannel Hash, and The Dragonflys.

19. A central crest figure is created from the buttons and red flannel appliqué. Button blankets are worn over the shoulders and the crest design hangs on the back of the wearer.

20. She took the red flannel traditionally used for petticoats in Connemara and turned it into huge billowing peasant skirts.

21. Red Flannel Wool, Quilted skirt.

22. Many of the men apparently chose to continue to wear their distinctive red flannel Garibaldi shirts however, and they probably kept their issue jackets in a bedroll or pack until discarded.

23. scarlet material was secured from red flannel petticoats of officers' wives, while material for the blue union was secured from Capt.

24. In addition to the red-flannel petticoat and 5 shillings Queen Victoria gave each woman, the National Union of Agricultural Workers gave each of them £5 and enough blue silk to make a dress.

25. For lower back pain he advised a sheet of red flannel folded in half and draped over a string that wrapped around the waist.

26. Kranich ordered that she be given a potion he had devised, and be wrapped in red flannel and placed close to the fire.

27. Flagsticks were cut 3 feet in length with a piece of red flannel attached to serve as flags marking each hole.

28. Oak, being "the main focus of the video", appears wearing a "tan trench coat and red flannel shirt".

29. For the music video of the song, Oak appeared in "dressed in a tan trench coat and red flannel shirt".

30. The edge of the helmet can be framed with metal strips or wrapped in red flannel.