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1 The District Open Space at Belcher Bay Reclamation as part of the project was completed in August 1998.
2 On the western side, Belcher Bay Reclamation and the construction of Belcher Bay Link on it were completed in February 1997 to tie in with the opening of the Western Harbour Crossing.
3 He saw great power and touch and if Balotelli's nature was turbulent and erratic, if his demons sometimes went on the rampage, he knew a reclamation job might just produce brilliant results.
4 After all the humiliation one suffered all the monotonies and losses the erasures and disintegrations after being constantly consumed by society was it a small reclamation of the self?
5 Generally reclamation engineering includes seawall, sluice and final closure.
6 In Singapore, Hongkong and Malaysia, there is an established demand for mangrove piling poles used in land reclamation and the construction industry.
7 various garbage collection implementations use different strategies for identification and reclamation of unreachable objects, and they interact differently with the user program and scheduler.
8 The harbour—the reason this “barren rock” became a metropolis—continues to shrink as Hong Kong island reverts to the mainland through reclamation.
9 The reclamation and recycle of polystyrene foamed plastic waste not only can control pollution but also solve the problems of chemical energy sources.
10 The most sensational and often discussed practice of freeganism involves Dumpster-diving for food, clothing or other essentials, which freegans refer to as "waste reclamation."
11 Although reclamation of the land, a legal obligation, has not kept up with the disturbance of the tar sands, it was "achievable".
12 By test of yield, growth character and resistance, some herbage varieties suited for low hill red new reclamation land were selected out.
13 This is how all space reclamation happens in G1, instead of the combination of copying and in-place de-allocation that CMS does.
14 results can be applied into study the land reclamation and ecological rehabilitation of the developed opencast mines and developing ones in loess plateau.
15 The essay discusses the feasibility and advantage of a hypothetic DSD employed in WEEE reclamation after reviewing the success of DSD applied to the reclamation of waste package.
16 The authors made this change to ensure that the protocol enabled efficient resource reclamation on the part of the rm Destination for terminated rm Sequences.
17 The reclamation of the burnable product and the utilization of the unburnable one are of social and economic benefits to the…
18 Usually, gob areas are reconstructed for reclamation, fishpond, and plant.
19 The Empire was toppled, first with the death of Palpatine and the scuttling of the fleet at Endor, and then with the eventual reclamation of Coruscant and establishment of the New Republic.
20 reclamation area of the Project is 2,550 m2. Together with pontoon moorings, it provides a total area 3,500 m2 of foreshore beyond the existing eastern limit of the Hebe Haven Yacht Club.
21 Rhododendron Zaibai carefree tears, infinite heart Jingwei reclamation!
22 Through experimental study of technological plan, the result shows that reclamation rate of sulphuric acid is above 90% and ammonium sulfate is above 70%.
23 system in Guangzhou Yuancun Cogeneration Power Plant used to have problems of failed reclamation and high acid consumption.
24 The only major difficulty in dealing with SQL exceptions is the proper reclamation of database resources, such as the database connection.
25 time taken for reclamation is unbounded and subject to fluctuations.
26 Palm islands, an artificial group of islands, are being constructed using land reclamation techniques, in Dubai.
27 space re-sizing, reclamation of memory no longer used, moving data from one place to another and so on.
28 All space reclamation in G1 is done through copying.
29 Reclamation works will start in 2007, with the project to be finished in 2012.
30 Land reclamation and re-development programs added 229.6 thousand hectares of cultivated land.