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No. sentence
1 I also have the painting my sister did for the cover of Reclaim Your Dreams on my bookshelf.
2 To re-claim the ownership of your mind, fear must be assimilated. Always do what you are afraid to do.
3 These processes have no direct impact on the user experience, and the system can kill them at any time to reclaim memory for a foreground, visible, or service process.
4 Thus the garbage collector can reclaim most of the memory allocated on each loop, but it can't reclaim the arrays that are added to the list.
5 At 12 noon, April 1st, we're going to reclaim the City, thrusting into the very belly of the beast: the Bank of England.
6 You can reclaim unwanted file systems or disk space to save resources.
7 The time during which the application is halted is referred to as pause time because application progress is paused for the GC to reclaim free space.
8 This helps to reclaim the storage of the output message tree, for every message propagation that is done.
9 This is one simple way to reclaim part of the week for a higher purpose.
10 traditional GC can't meet this requirement because the application must halt for the GC to reclaim any unused memory.
11 To win in 2010, David Cameron's Tories need to reclaim it.
12 Some had been holding out, still determined to reclaim their property and return to their homeland.
13 garbage collector identifies objects that are no longer referenced and reclaim the unused memory.
14 When the garbage collector runs to reclaim memory that is no longer used by the program, it can stop all the application threads.
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16 Nonetheless, a recasting of relations is compelling for a secretary of state eager to reclaim territory after the foreign policy crises in the Middle East and Afghanistan were hived off to envoys.
17 more objects that are created, the more frequently the JVM garbage collector has to reclaim memory and, at least partially, interrupt request handling at that time.
18 The garbage collector may incorrectly reclaim some storage that, when referenced, appears to contain pointers to uninitialized memory.
19 However, in this case I would much rather reclaim that memory at the end of each loop.
20 AIXPCM has a path health checker built into its functionality to reclaim failed paths automatically.
21 of Guernsey’s claims to fame is a trust law that allows the sponsor of a trust to reclaim its assets at will—making a nonsense of the trust concept.
22 The technology looks most promising for use in industrial facilities near exceedingly hot objects, like the machinery used to manufacture glass, or to reclaim waste heat in power stations.
23 The result is that garbage collection will need to be performed in order to reclaim space in the heap.
24 The government has since announced that it wants to catalogue all the pieces looted from Yuanmingyuan, which some believe is the first step in a campaign to reclaim them.
25 He constructed theories to explain the petty cruelties of childhood bullies. He made plans to purchase a small house, to reclaim his land in Guatemala, to publish essays, fiction, fragments of prose.
26 we're going to reclaim the future for our children.
27 Perhaps at the very least banished people should be able to reclaim thecontent of their profiles.
28 Stop allowing your cellphone to hold your attention and mind hostage. It is time to reclaim your attention span.
29 officers in the NATO-led force, the first priority will be to reclaim the ring-road, Afghanistan's main artery, around which the main population centres are concentrated.
30 With the migration complete, I could now ask the storage team to reclaim the old LUNs on the F20.