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No. sentence
1 is no reciprocity in this relationship.
2 You have much longer household codes, those writers at least said there was some reciprocity.
3 In his most recent work he defines six 'weapons of influence' with the first being 'Reciprocity'.
4 The principle of reciprocity is everywhere - have you ever felt guilty when you left a shop without buying anything, simply because the salesperson went out of his or her way to be helpful?
5 The techniques of liking and reciprocity mentioned above both clearly play on our desire for affiliation, as do many other techniques of persuasion and influence.
6 In fact, a 1996 study found that people in communal relationships were more likely than those in exchange relationships to view demands or offers of reciprocity as a betrayal.
7 happens at least 90% of their problems are to do with love and love alone: the lack of it, the denial of it, the inequality of it, the missed reciprocity in it, the horrors and heartaches of it.
8 Based on wave acoustics, the low frequency sound field is analyzed in this paper, and reciprocity is verified both theoretically and experimentally.
9 Europe must beware of the reciprocity it pursues.
10 People are paying more and more attention to this kind of new education method, with the characteristics of teaching environment and goodly reciprocity.
11 This is basic human nature — anthropologists call it “reciprocity”.
12 Its reciprocity is merely an added stipulation.
13 secret power of this approach is reciprocity.
14 more that parents invest in their children and have positive relationships with them, the more they are creating this sense of reciprocity," she said.
15 spirit of full reciprocity, leaders discussed issues of readmission and visa facilitation.
16 of Reciprocity is strong in people.
17 The law of reciprocity is NOT a law that can be measured in any instance of time or even between the same parties involved for the give and take.
18 exchange of favors that seems so natural with benefits for both parties is also, unfortunately, what gets in people's way before reciprocity ever occurs.
19 But there had to be a spirit of "mutuality and reciprocity" : two viable states, side by side, within the 1967 borders, and no Jewish settlers on Palestinian land.
20 Law of Reciprocity: Whatever you give is what you're going to get.
21 Government sources said the move was a direct response to a perceived "lack of reciprocity by the French" towards Italian groups seeking to invest in France.
22 For example, a licensor could ask for reciprocity — that a licensee must provide the software according to the same terms it agreed to — and still remain open source software.
23 Your affirmation of the one you love should not be conditional to reciprocity (i.e. don’t wait and simply do it in return) .
24 Instead, the extraordinary relationships are asking us to give without expecting anything in return. This is what gives rise to a virtuous cycle of reciprocity.
25 Their definition of reciprocity requires that any service accessing its Contacts API offer an API of its own with similar functionality.
26 Measured trust begins with small ACTS that foster reciprocity.
27 Psychologists call this the reciprocity rule, and it is a rule that all societies honour.
28 The second phone call from the telemarketers tried to bring in another social principle – reciprocity.
29 When a company makes its selection process more efficient by shoving tests in your face before so much as chatting with you, they're sharing their views on reciprocity.
30 multiple reciprocity method (MRM) for the parabolic variational inequalities of the second kind was discussed.