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receptive in a sentence

1. New Yorkers were not initially receptive;

2. Bennett was not receptive.

3. The bishops were not receptive;

4. Martin faced a receptive clubhouse;

5. Pollen-receptive surfaces.

6. The Navy was more receptive.

7. The female is not yet sexually receptive;

8. RL = receptive language;

9. Some reviewers were less receptive.

10. Receptive to a sales call by Eisner &

11. Audiences, however, were more receptive;

12. Roosevelt was very receptive to the idea.

13. The press was highly receptive.

14. Houstonians were receptive to new ideas.

15. Wagner was more receptive;

16. You have to be receptive.

17. French critics were much more receptive.

18. Spain, however, was receptive of the work;

19. Other reviews were less receptive.

20. Some reviewers were less receptive.

21. Some critics were less receptive.

22. Museums, too, were receptive to his work.

23. Others were less receptive to the song.

24. Some reviewers were less receptive.

25. But Bavaria was receptive to the merger.

26. Her lead debut in short 'Receptive.

27. Totally Receptive' was filmed in 2015.

28. Both organisations were receptive.

29. Receptive to a sales call by Eisner &

30. 3. The anal receptive male.