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No. sentence
1 Until recently, the dates of such hearings were not announced in advance, nor were defence lawyers necessarily present.
2 But its regulations were recently found wanting by the Delhi High Court, which then banned bags in markets and shops, as well as hotels, hospitals and malls.
3 price of electronic products slump recently.
4 Recently, the President sent Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of defense Robert Gates to Moscow to discuss the missile defense dispute with their Russian counterparts.
5 Until recently, the official treatment policy for malaria was sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (sp). Chloroquine, however, is still widely used despite significant drug resistance.
6 I recently spoke with Chris Shelton, the president of AES Energy Storage, about the opportunity in energy storage, and he says it is more diverse than one might think.
7 Until recently, the focus was all on "smell": that is, on how cells respond to chemical signals such as growth factors.
8 an interview published recently in England's venerable tabloid, the Sun, Omar described the ambivalent relationship he had growing up with his infamous father.
9 He notices some slang that was headlined in the newspapers recently.
10 With some funding from the World Wide fund for Nature, it recently ran a project to interview and train "low-carbon leaders" around the country.
11 As business education becomes more global, it is becoming less American. Until recently the field was dominated by American business schools teaching American examples.
12 The economy dominated the 2008 campaign, and more recently, the "tea-party" movement has been more vocal on fiscal questions than on social issues like abortion.
13 Recently, she began wondering if autistic strengths might already have surfaced in research settings, only to be buried in a literature dominated by the view of autistic people as damaged goods.
14 I have recently agreed with my student partner that she will move into my flat during the Edinburgh Festival so that she can sublet her room and pay for her half of our holiday together.
15 The US marines corps recently ordered an energy audit of its operations in Afghanistan, in a bid to reduce enormous fuel costs.
16 Until recently, this small fold of tissue in the middle of the brain was depicted as neatly divided into four distinct areas.
17 As long as you've bundled your AMI recently, your database system will be up to date.
18 An IRREVERENT official at the International Monetary Fund recently installed a jarring ringtone on his mobile phone. It is the sound of cans being kicked down a road.
19 An experienced VC fund manager I have known for years told me recently that if a person does not know how to seriously twist the truth from time to time, he (she) cannot be an entrepreneur.
20 My main goal is to tell the story well and have everyone like it," Guo said recently in a telephone interview.
21 As I read in this thought provoking article, how helpful was security for the people in Japan who were hit by the Tsunami recently?
22 Recently they threw bottles at each other.
23 And then the last category which have been developed in the past but not recently is organic cooled or molten salt reactors.
24 Politicians are responsible. Gordon Brown, the chancellor of the exchequer, and David Blunkett, the former home secretary, have recently eulogized the nation in speeches.
25 And so there's an upward bias to the stock market, contrary to what you may have seen recently.
26 A: I'm going to begin my answer with another question I received recently that brings up several points that are often misunderstood.
27 The ultimate victim may be the environment, already overrun with enough trash in places to threaten people's health, now further burdened with refuse that until recently would have been recycled.
28 Recently I have found a new way of doing Yoga.
29 For example, recently I issued an edict in our company prohibiting meetings on Fridays.
30 Some western companies have reportedly shortened their supply chains recently, European businesses moving production from east Asia to eastern Europe or north Africa.