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No. sentence
1 Tokyo was a hotspot for rebellious youth from countries of the far east, travelling to the Japanese capital to study.
2 That period—known for its jazz music, economic prosperity, flapper culture, libertine mores, rebellious youth, and ubiquitous speakeasies—is fully rendered in Fitzgerald's fictional narrative.
3 it was started by rebellious youth who contradicted the traditional Japanese concept of beauty;
4 Other drugs, especially marijuana, gained acceptance, especially with rebellious youth who wanted to strike out against the rigid class system at Berryhill.
5 British heavy metal fans, commonly known as muthas, metalheads, or headbangers for the violent, rhythmic shaking of their heads in time to the music, dismissed the simplistic image of rebellious youth inherited from the counterculture of the 1960s and the psychedelic attachments characteristic of heavy rock in the 1970s, updating the shared principles and codes of the heavy metal subculture and definitely separating it from mainstream society.