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No. sentence
1 In all of these, men outperform women - although women hold their own when it comes to verbal reasoning and have a definite edge in foreign language skills and spelling.
2 If ethics and morals go together, you have to hone your skills at reasoning critically about ethical and moral issues.
3 The absurd mind cannot so much expect ethical rules at the end of its reasoning as, rather, illustrations and the breath of human lives.
4 But a critic of this line of reasoning can rightly raise the fact that the Ebionites were rejected as heretics by mainstream Christianity.
5 This is what I call an absurd reasoning.
6 The courts upheld the decision, but were nevertheless critical of the commission's reasoning.
7 In the case of GE and Honeywell the European Court of First Instance criticised the commission's legal reasoning, but upheld its decision.
8 Look at history and you will see that practically no women have excelled in areas where spatial ability and mathematical reasoning are required, such as chess, composing and rocket science.
9 But auctions require "if he thinks that she thinks that I think that he thinks" chains of reasoning that tend to have weak links.
10 Kant thought this kind of reasoning could be applied to many of our most cherished moral imperatives and would entail the obedience of any rational creature.
11 Thanks to that radically different approach, Haskell's conciseness and expressiveness is unmatched in many applications, particularly in those requiring mathematical reasoning.
12 This "reasoning" horrified, and angered, the whole nation.
13 Sperber and Mercier, however, point out that this is true only if the point of reasoning is to draw true conclusions.
14 Such a demon could not only deceive him about his perceptions, it could conceivably cause him to go wrong when performing even the simplest ACTS of reasoning.
15 A softer, but equally valid, line of reasoning is that the universe needs to permit us to have choices, but leaves the concerns of those choices (and their consequences) up to the people making them.
16 In his reasoning and pronouncements, Obama has shown an appreciation for shades of gray.
17 No company spokesman has yet commented to ReadWriteWeb or other sources, and the full reasoning behind the price hike remains unexplained, officially anyway.
18 Of course, these valuable skills have little or anything to do with general intelligence or abstract reasoning or critical thinking.
19 Your reasoning seems very abstract.
20 If this picture is right, we have a set of emotionally conditioned basic values, and a capacity for reasoning, which allows us to extend these values to new cases.
21 We must see the matter at once, at one glance, and not by a process of reasoning, at least to a certain degree.
22 So, they suggest, it makes sense to think that the evolutionary point of human reasoning is to win arguments, not to reach the truth.
23 This type of reasoning would explain why the Uniform Trust Act authorizes judges to reduce bequests to pets to a so-called maximum comfort level.
24 After all, the reasoning goes, if we have the horsepower to move elephants around, mere mice should pose no challenge.
25 He's talking about a cognitive limitation, "an important and pervasive problem in human reasoning" that he has documented by testing graduate students at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
26 University of Washington's team made that prediction by "heuristic reasoning" -aka educated guesswork.
27 How many times, after an equivoque, after the specious and treacherous reasoning of egotism, had he heard his irritated conscience cry in his ear: "a trip!"
28 Do Sperber and Mercier think that the point of their own reasoning is not truth but winning an argument?
29 Dieters have been encouraged to employ this trick for ages, with the reasoning quite simple: the water fills the stomach, thus reducing hunger.
30 Visual imagery plays an important role in human cognitive and thinking activity, but its role in transitive inference reasoning is still equivocal and controversial.