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No. sentence
1 Clumsy and overwhelmed by the physical world, autistic minds are often far more comfortable with the virtual realms of maths, symbols and code.
2 That's a real fluid boundary between the divine and human realms, if you ask me. But it only happens there, in one spot.
3 To access these data stores, you need to create and appropriately configure security realms.
4 Moving on through the asteroid belt we enter the realms of the gas giant planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, all of which dwarf the Earth.
5 These two servers are not only two different realms or domains, but they are also in different machines.
6 Second, the kings were imagined as coming from far-away realms and representing the different races of mankind.
7 Custom token propagation does not require the configuration of Trusted target realms.
8 Custom token object propagation does not require the configuration of Trusted target realms.
9 you have any idea how many people in the realms of so-called metaphysics are hypocrites or have no idea what they are talking about - spouting forth cliches of the 1990 grid programs?
10 And so then, within this concentric overlay vector other time programs; other dimensional realms can be frequencially accessed more easily.
11 From the beautiful and peaceful heavenly realms of the animal kingdoms, we are able to observe much of what is happening to animals on this planet.
12 Britain cannot change the rules alone, but must seek support from the 15 other realms of which Elizabeth II is queen.
13 The blond haired pig kicking hollywood junket was supposed to have a showcase at this year's E3 before 3D Realms were shoveled to the grave.
14 best we can do is to create or utilize various tools and methodologies to control the chaos within certain realms.
15 For using other security realms with the credential store, for example ones that use digital certificates, you need to implement the required callback handlers.
16 You see the vibrations of this deep meditative expansion is over-flowing into the physical realms that you live in...
17 The dozen worlds of their neighbourhood held enough variety for any traveller, and whether more distant realms were filled with fresh novelties or endless repetition hardly seemed to matter.
18 As such the realms of the crystalline minerals and humanity are intricately related, such that one is never out of contact or subtle communication with the other.
19 Within the deployment descriptor, you can configure specific realms for authentication and authorization.
20 It then entered the realms of online advertising links.
21 Data is distributed across different realms instead of a single database, so there will not be a single point of failure.
22 Security realms based on login module implementations that either use digital certificates or are user implemented are beyond the scope of this article.
23 realm name needs to be changed appropriately in the realms section as per their configuration.
24 But reporters weren't covering up for Kennedy so much as they were abiding by their era's social and professional codes, which regarded politicians' personal lives as privileged realms.
25 Security realms are used for securing access to resources.
26 The following steps are required on both the KDC machines to set up an inter-realm between the two realms that have been configured so far.
27 So … why should we merge or bring together the two realms?
28 When change of identity is required between different user registries (realms).
29 Some us media have dubbed the firm Kochtopus, a nod to the fact that its tentacles spread well beyond the realms of business.
30 However, if you have a decent grip on the other realms of your life, but are struggling to build relationships, I suggest making it a top priority.