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No. sentence
1 Yeah, I was really struggling whether I should give you this nice little car.
2 was the summer, so it was really nice.
3 Low-Fiber fruits and Veggies: If you really want to eat fruits or vegetables before runs, zucchini, tomatoes, olives, grapes, and grapefruit are all low in fiber.
4 So you see, there are really two answers to the question when is the first day of spring.
5 Because the process of paring down is really the process of asking yourself, "What's important?"
6 We 're often told that the world is tethering on the brink of destruction. But is this really the case?
7 I have reached an age where they really shouldn't have to worry about me, but here I am, worrying them terribly for the second time in less than a year.
8 This failure is easy to understand, but I'm not sure I really want to "fix" it — the method I'm not testing is trivial, and adding tests for trivial methods can be a waste of effort.
9 We may decide to eat more healthily, to get more exercise, not to bite our nails, to spend more time with our families, or really anything and everything that we feel we don't do, or don't do enough.
10 But you can't really suggest one for them - they have to come up with it themselves.
11 We really only have one, which is Shared by three products.
12 realizes that she doesn’t really know Parslow or Chris and she is not sure who she can trust.
13 This evolution isn't really surprising, as the benefits virtualization realizes continue to grow.
14 But missile attacks on ships are rare, so it is difficult to know just how safe a ship really is-especially if an attacker launches a dozen or so missiles at once.
15 you really have to lose if you take the risk?
16 If you want a language with static type-checking, you really need to design it in from the start: it drastically affects the design of the language.
17 While you can do initial tests manually, you should really automate fuzzing for maximum effect.
18 We have been force-fed the doctrines of self-esteem for so long that most people don't really view themselves as sinners worthy of divine wrath.
19 Ironically, in an age that conceives of God as wholly loving, altogether devoid of wrath, few people really understand what God's love is all about.
20 Maybe you prefer sponges to forks, but do you really feel so strongly about it that you need to join sponges RULE - forks DONT!?
21 I really dont know why you are so obsessed with all my secrets.
22 Before that, as I said before, insurance is really the same thing as securities.
23 If they really can’t see the value of your ideas, you have to let them go with their own.
24 He really asking for you to help him by giving him some money but what is it used for?
25 Do we really want to teach our children that giving is really all about buying?
26 do that then was really to be severed from your ties. To make a phone call I had to wait in line at a phone place and it was not easy.
27 But I would really like to see it end with him raising the MLS Cup because it would just be a storybook ending of the rollercoaster ride that is has been.
28 As a painting it didn't really stand out, because there were an awful lot of paintings in the house, "Alec Cobbe told me this week."
29 It sounds like you're discussing the lectures and the readings and you're really not.The section discussions are a complement to the lectures.
30 Telling your boss it's a really bad time for you and you want to do it next year is reasonable - as long as you make your decision, present it clearly and stop whining about life not being fair.