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No. sentence
1 Cheshire Puss,' she began, rather timidly, as she did not at all know whether it would like the name: however, it only grinned a little wider.
2 I'll go out of doors, or anywhere, rather than have your disagreeable voice in my ear! "said my lady."
3 He doesn't like guests, especially journalists, leaves his hut only once a month and avoids people but the villagers still like him because he sells them grapes and other fruits at a rather low price.
4 I just wish they would have implemented all the changes for the 2013 race and given people plenty of advance notice, rather than crushing those who thought they had finally reached their goal.
5 Oceanlevels are rising around the globe, so rather than tethering ourbuildings to the sinking shoreline why not suit them for a life at sea?
6 He was not one to retreat but rather one who would take up the gauntlet.
7 When was the last time you bought a newspaper to find out who won the match, rather than for comment and analysis?
8 Otherwise, you would have to establish the same file location in every single asset registry, rather than specifying it once.
9 This is not an accident, but rather, by design.
10 I've got rather a headache, but it will probably go off when I've had a rest.
11 This will launch another debugger session rather than continuing the current one.
12 Rather than waiting to celebrate a big event, why not do it today?
13 No event is necessary for this scope because objects associated with it are released by the garbage collector rather than object managers.
14 When people get married with a very strong sense of material benefit, things can get rather wrong and people do not necessarily have a will to make it go right again," she explained.
15 For XML, try fuzzing individual element content and attribute values rather than selecting a random section of the bytes in the document to replace.
16 One could cite other examples of how the new technology is reinforcing old modes of communication rather than undermining them.
17 But he, rather than his policies, is the message.
18 It also encourages holders of Italian debt to sell bonds rather than insure them with policies that may not pay out.
19 It's rather unusual to have packages published to PROD directly, either by FM or implicitly.
20 I would like that community to respect me enough to keep giving me new ideas rather than insist I subscribe to an orthodoxy.
21 Allowing access to any information only through an application limits the scope of the information to the context of the application rather than that of the enterprise as required in an SOA.
22 You, as the system administrator, can apply access and permissions for each group for large workspaces rather each member.
23 If they were higher, the system might be regarded as an onerous form of taxation rather than a benign savings plan.
24 They contain a rather wonderful kind of truth.
25 Life in a large pond is wonderful! ' 'Perhaps it is rather dull here,' thought the foolish frog.
26 They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.
27 In industries such as telecommunications, technology, and financial services, companies acquire market share, technologies, or market entry by acquisition, rather than by internal development.
28 Only if they have learned to value the freedom free software gives them, to value freedom in and of itself rather than the technical and practical convenience of specific free software.
29 It all sounds rather disconcerting, but should you be worried about this?
30 The enterprise, rather than any individual or business unit, owns all data.