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rapid changes in a sentence

1. The collapse of the Western Roman Empire caused rapid changes.

2. The Civil War era saw rapid changes in artillery and fortification.

3. Financial troubles and rapid changes of ownership soon followed.

4. Salim observes the rapid changes in Africa with an outsider's distance.

5. The new owners made a number of rapid changes.

6. Individual images are typically fleeting and given to very rapid changes.

7. The creek has a fairly steep gradient, with rapid changes in elevation.

8. But rapid changes took place.

9. The Antoine River is notable for rapid changes in water level after rains.

10. Duc d'Anville died and there were rapid changes in command.

11. rapid changes in fashion also became possible.

12. Pokok Sena's landscape will undergo rapid changes.

13. The video also features rapid changes in the camera direction.

14. This resulted in rapid changes of membership among teachers.

15. The latter half of the 1990s saw even more rapid changes.

16. American psychology was undergoing rapid changes.

17. Rapid changes in technology changed America's strategic defense strategies.

18. Coastal areas are stressed through rapid changes, for example due to tides.

19. By then though, rapid changes were taking place throughout Florida.

20. A serial ECG may be used to follow rapid changes in time.

21. Our instincts have not had time to adapt to the rapid changes of modern life.

22. Tells the story of the rapid changes that marks the 20th century.

23. This test gives insight in rapid changes in the brain.

24. According to a study, the rapid changes eliminated banditry equally rapidly.

25. The awareness of the changes lagged behind the rapid changes of the reality.

26. Today Auslan is undergoing serious rapid changes and expansions.

27. As predator species change there are rapid changes in osteoderms.

28. The hook formation is for making rapid changes in battle plans.

29. The road transport sector experienced rapid changes in the 1990s.

30. Rapid changes will provoke counterbalancing actions.