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ransack in a sentence

1. Internal instability allowed a Visigoth army to reach and ransack Rome in 410.

2. The Mestizos begin to ransack the packs.

3. He proceeded to ransack the house for valuables.

4. In 1299, the Delhi Sultan Alauddin Khalji sent an army to ransack Gujarat.

5. Previously, soldiers would ransack towns and cause mayhem wherever they went.

6. The kids decide to go for a massive ransack, and leave home;

7. People break into and ransack his apartment several times.

8. Crad and his friends plan to ransack the shop owned by the Levinsky family.

9. For the Surat ransack of January 1664 &

10. In 1912 at Khovd, Ja Lama helped defeat the Manchus and ransack their fort.

11. The pirates come nonetheless and ransack the inn.

12. While a group of banditti ransack Mrs.

13. The boys ransack the prison, and drive away the staff.

14. Five machete-wielding thugs arrive and ransack the man's home.

15. Override, Ransack, Blurr, Hightail, Backfire, Syncol, Armco, Blueshift.

16. Grimlord's warriors ransack a museum trying to find the sword.

17. ransack the lot of them.

18. In search of Raghuram the anti-Naxalite team ransack Subhaiah’s house.

19. In late 1309, he sent Malik Kafur to ransack the Kakatiya capital Warangal.

20. Finding nothing, they ransack the office and run away.

21. To thank him, the Union Army did not ransack the house.

22. Mehta and the rioters then proceeded to ransack Mane's house.

23. The Berbers destroy the city and ransack the library.

24. In retaliation, DaVinci and his war colleagues ransack his house.

25. Adalric abused his authority to ransack the abbey.

26. He would ransack the home.

27. To ransack or plunder; pillage.

28. She ransack my apartment for the bankbook.

29. He began to ransack his mother's workbox for a piece of thread.

30. I ransack a dictionary to find just the right word.