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1 And they are often looked on suspiciously by insular Afghan militant groups who tend to depend on their own tribal members to enlarge their fighting ranks.
2 America \ 's popular spud ranks high for pesticide residue.
3 In British army a field marshal ranks above a general.
4 Many of the creatures that eat salmon and trout, such as bears and some birds, have had their ranks thinned by human activity.
5 Considering the history of the GNU Project, it should be no surprise that one can find ideological purists in the ranks of FOSS users (some who would doubtlessly object to my use of the term "FOSS").
6 When photography came along, a lot of them had to find other work, or at least their ranks were not refilled when they retired.
7 The knockdown price partly explains why Fannie Mae typically ranks among the liveliest financial shares in the market: It doesn't cost much to take a flier on Fannie.
8 you may have noticed while testing out the prune scripts, comments and ranks associated with the posts may not have been orphaned when the pruned posts were deleted.
9 At the outset, the decision-maker has a "utility function" or a "preference ordering" that ranks all sets of consequences from the most preferred to the least preferred.
10 This area ranks first in the whole country for cotton output.
11 That's why every successful launch is accompanied by a celebration and gift awarding ceremony. As well as giving ranks.
12 Markets have since calmed down a little and rightly so, according to this chart, which ranks countries by their debt burdens.
13 During the American century, rivals were bested left and right, as the ranks of the great powers slipped from half-a-dozen, to three, to two, to one.
14 number of people living in poverty has climbed to 14.3 percent of Americans, with the ranks of working-age poor reaching the highest level since at least 1965.
15 I was curious what you could tell us about any efforts to encourage members of his family, of his cabinet to break ranks with him and how you're helping that process go on.
16 is composed of two packaging ranks for profiled materials, each including columns, a plurality of crosspieces, doublers, pendant hooks and end boards.
17 fleet admiral ranks in the navy of the United States.
18 Today the same malls are full of Asian faces, and a glance at the ranks of top scoring students in local schools reveals lots of Asian surnames.
19 Bromo is a grey stack but less menacing than I had expected and going up the powdery lava runs ranks as one of the best rides of my life.
20 Once it finds the right password, it infects the next computer, which joins the attacking ranks.
21 China may dream of a different world in which the yuan ranks alongside the dollar, euro, sterling and yen as a reserve currency.
22 She ranks ninth in a class of 400 students and still finds time to fix dinner for the family and work on Saturdays at her mother's clothing shop.
23 But the episode has exposed divisions in angels' ranks.
24 from cashing a peace dividend by demobilising soldiers, the chief of the army has said he means to swell its ranks by 100, 000, to 300, 000—out of a population of just 21m.
25 On the other hand, inexpensive living doesn't always require a foreign Posting: North Carolina's Winston-Salem ranks No. 18 among cheap cities.
26 Britain ranks 16th out of 17 countries for public trust in its Banks, just ahead of Germany and well behind countries such as the Netherlands, Spain and France.
27 There was a carpenter, a Smith and others from all ranks of society.
28 The growing ranks of elderly people fearful about choking on sharp bones causes some of them to avoid grilled fish.
29 In the Olympic games Australia usually ranks high in the medal tables, especially if they reflect size of population. Yet tastes evolve, in sport as in any other sphere.
30 Students from India, China and eastern Europe have swelled the ranks of applicants.