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1 After he warmed up the crowd for me at several rallies, I think some people thought he should have been the candidate.
2 The kind of anger that prompts people to shout "Kill him!" and "Off with his head!" at rallies.
3 WHEN Ron Paul ran for president in 2007, he was gratified to hear students at one of his rallies start chanting “End the Fed”, while setting dollar bills alight.
4 Show trials and mass rallies, where certain targeted culprits were forced to confess their misdeeds, were powerful and efficient vehicles for educating the masses and instilling discipline.
5 science of optimism, once scorned as an intellectually suspect province of pep rallies and smiley faces, is opening a new window on the workings of human consciousness.
6 debate between Moussavi and Ahmadinejad riveted the nation, Moussavi's campaign caught fire in recent days, triggering massive street rallies in Tehran.
7 But what will it mean for the efficient market hypothesis if the market rallies on the news?
8 The first murders of members of the security forces since 1998 brought thousands out in silent protest rallies across the province.
9 Dirty tricks are common. Halls booked for opposition party meetings become suddenly unavailable. Rallies and protest marches are easily banned, and smothered by riot police when they are not.
10 tormentors have mustered rallies, blocked roads and even assaulted an employee of a Tata supplier, all in the name of the smallholders who unwillingly lost their land to the project.
11 Ferrer narrowly avoided a bagel set, but Berdych proved too strong in baseline rallies and he clinched his 53rd match victory of the season with his 24th winner.
12 If the bear is really deep, rallies off the bottom can be explosive and end quickly.
13 King.He was to speak at rallies all over Chicago, and one of his scheduled stops turned out to be the parking lot across the street from st.
14 They can muster 40, 000," she said of the rallies against reform of the blasphemy law and in support of Mumtaz Qadri.
15 Iranian expatriates have expressed horror at the crackdown on opposition rallies in Tehran, where several people are thought to have been killed or injured by the police.
16 Public employees are required to attend rallies in support of PSUV and records list those who voted against chavez in the past, and who are therefore excluded from any public-sector jobs.
17 The developments come a day after tens of thousands people attended rival mass rallies in the capital Sanaa.
18 But the more balanced economy would take time to emerge, and stock and bond markets, after their rip-roaring rallies, weren't priced for the disarray that could stem from a real sovereign shake-out.
19 Thai security officials say he has spent millions of dollars to sustain the rallies.
20 Television viewers are inundated by party advertisements every few minutes and news broadcasts report the main rallies of the day.
21 One of the things you sign up for in politics is that folks yell at you," Obama said on the Late Show of vitriolic rallies around the US attacking his plans for healthcare reform.
22 But in London we are apt to receive that sort of thing so coldly even in its proper place in the rallies of a harlequinade that there is no temptation to West end managers to condescend to it.
23 On Saturday, during rallies in high density suburbs in Harare, President Mugabe blamed businessmen for what he called exorbitant prices.
24 all eerily reminiscent of 2008, when desperate efforts to rescue and revive American and other Banks produced only ephemeral rallies.
25 French block roads and set things on fire: among tea-partiers it is a point of pride that their large but orderly rallies leave barely a crumpled candy wrapper behind them.
26 paries contesting the election (see article) are doing so largely on the basis of their leaders’ charisma, and the quality of the packed lunches and other handouts they provide at their rallies.
27 And Clijsters' steady strokes allowed her to extend rallies as long as necessary while committing only 12 unforced errors.
28 We suggest that gold taking partial profits in holdings on rallies and taking a larger percentage of your profits at $1650 per ounce.
29 Millions are flocking to opposition rallies, perhaps creating false expectations that the PDP may actually lose.
30 The rallies continued in Europe and the US, where the S&P 500 was up nearly 4 per cent in midday trading.