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1 Meanwhile there are creeping doubts about the competence and radicalism of the government as a whole.
2 But many argue that the astonishment at Moore's Gospel radicalism is misplaced.
3 father of the Nigerian "Christmas bomber" reported his son's radicalism to the U.
4 As China's global influence continues to grow, I would not bet on Washington's current radicalism prevailing over Beijing's conservatism.
5 Some historians, such as Charles and Mary Beard and Howard Zinn, stress its conservative character; others, like Gordon Wood, have insisted on its radicalism.
6 Pan-Arabism broke on the shoals of the 1967 fiasco -- even if Qaddafi didn't get the message -- but Palestinian radicalism offered itself as an alternative unifying ideology.
7 Mr. Cameron’s attempt offers a better chance of genuine radicalism, though even his savagery will take back the size of Britain’s state only to its level in 2008.
8 But he said he believes that in the long term, reforms and what he called "messy" democracy will lead to less radicalism and better outcomes on Middle East peace talks and other issues.
9 While campaigns trade shouts of witchcraft, socialism, greed, radicalism (on both sides), warriors and their families have a right to ask, “What about us?
10 And as to spending, a government that preaches radicalism should be ready to tear up election pledges that make little sense.
11 article focuses on the analysis and comment on the contemporary Chinese cultural evolutionism and relativism, cultural radicalism and conservatism, and cultural globalism and nationalism.
12 IS a measure of the government’s hyperactive radicalism that a referendum proposing the biggest change to the electoral system since female suffrage has, until now, seemed a recondite side story.
13 call was for radical solutions: if only there had been some radicalism on offer.
14 We all know that posting photos of ourselves dancing on bar tops and/or partaking in acts radicalism probably won’t help our image in the eyes of an employer.
15 proud reputation as an international peace-broker, is home to the Nobel peace prize and has scant appetite for rightist radicalism.
16 Nigeria has a rich history of radicalism.
17 By the time they come to decide whether Mr Obama is to stay or go, they may prefer the President they know to the small-government radicalism today's Republicans appear to have embraced.
18 This rich and carefully researched biography sets Qutb for the first time in his Egyptian context, rescuing him from caricature without whitewashing his radicalism.
19 His radicalism may be curbed.
20 Others, like Gordon Wood, have insisted on its radicalism.
21 Mr King, alongside Andy Haldane, the author of a number of imaginative papers on finance, leans towards radicalism.
22 The government, which says militants are crossing the 1,400km (870-mile) border with Afghanistan, routinely jails its opponents under the cover of radicalism.
23 O There is no distinctive Jewish radicalism.
24 But the budget is meant to be about tax-on which, for all its radicalism elsewhere, the government has been timid.
25 Two bold arrows drive the group forward, but also insinuate that their radicalism is driven by forces out of their control, that they might easily be swayed whatever political wind may be blowing.
26 But he was slow to radicalise, and cautious even as his radicalism grew.
27 As the movement shaped 21st century radicalism, wider embrace of anarchist principles signaled a revival of interest.
28 Randall concludes that, "he was conservative in his complete avoidance of that type of so-called 'radicalism' which involved abuse of the South, hatred for the slaveholder, thirst for vengeance, partisan plotting, and ungenerous demands that Southern institutions be transformed overnight by outsiders."
29 Leading examples of this . . . have been the widespread neglect of her religious beliefs, and the misrepresentation of her as a bourgeois liberal, which together have resulted in the displacement of a religiously inspired utopian radicalism by a secular, class-partisan reformism as alien to Wollstonecraft's political project as her dream of a divinely promised age of universal happiness is to our own.
30 The music of BDP became significantly more politically astute after the death of disc jockey Scott La Rock, KRS-One's went on to publish four more albums under the title of Boogie Down Productions, and each one was increasingly innovative and expanded from the thuggish imagery of Criminal Minded and began to explore themes like black-on-black crime, and black radicalism, using a riff on the words of Malcolm X, “by any means necessary”, which became the title of the second BDP album, and still remains as one of the most political hip-hop albums to date.