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No. sentence
1 he remains a true radical, whose vision of paring government to the bone excites a youthful following.
2 The government is putting through some radical social reforms.
3 In the pressured atmosphere of America itself, however, this ideal was to become distorted by a radical form of individualism, which is now undermining social cohesion.
4 true test, then, of the radical spirit, is the button-pushing test: if we could push the button for instantaneous abolition of unjust invasions of liberty, would we do it?
5 The idea was to bring fresh insights from disciplines like physics to help tackle cancer in radical new ways.
6 Thus the radical feminist held that women through history had been oppressed and dehumanized, mainly because man chose to exploit his wife and the mother of his children.
7 The good news is that if you feel stagnant or need to see massive improvement in some area of your life, then you, too, can use radical change to dramatically improve your life.
8 We may want to go reread some of her more lapidary work, now appreciating the vulnerable soul that Shared a body with that radical will.
9 Are we treating arthritis by suppressing the protective inflammation brought about by years of free radical damage?
10 Yet some of the most radical ideas about our primal urges have been harnessed by those who want everyone to drink the same brand of beer.
11 Floating populations crisscrossed the country in search of opportunity. The only stable, secure notion of home was one's hometown, also undeniably undergoing radical changes.
12 The news was particularly surprising because unlike many of its neighbours in northern Europe, Norway's far right is fragmented and weak, and has no history of radical agitation.
13 Pope in the letter failed to address widespread calls in Ireland for a radical restructuring of the Church, nor did he say that bishops implicated in the scandal should resign.
14 Then a neurologist, Steven Laureys, who decided to take a radical look at the state of diagnosed coma patients, released him from his torture.
15 Still, it is not quite the radical change that a neutral bankruptcy judge might have allowed.
16 Prunes contain high amounts of neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acids, antioxidants that are particularly effective at combating the \ "superoxide anion radical."
17 Also, if you insult it or its founder, you'll probably be threatened with death by more radical followers.
18 All this sounds fine, if overdue; but can the FSA really reform itself without a more radical redesign of the system?
19 Together with looser lending standards for other kinds of consumer credit, this led to a radical change in American behavior.
20 She brags to her girls that you’re a “radical” and a real Dominican (even though on the Plátano Index you wouldn’t rank, Alma being only the third Latina you’ve ever really dated).
21 She turns out to be a shy woman who speaks good English, a student and a member of the radical National Committee of West Papua (KNPB), which has close links with guerrillas in the jungle.
22 our society undergoes this radical change, we need to ensure that we manage the impact appropriately.
23 driving might not seem that radical, these women risked arrest when they got behind the wheel - Saudi Arabia is the last remaining country in the world that forbids women from driving.
24 for a child allowance, higher unemployment benefits, lower road-tolls-and a radical shake-up of the system that gives civil servants huge influence over politicians.
25 Its model of only paying for what you consume was a radical innovation when it launched in 2006.
26 a Murakami trope, this, the single life split in two, either through radical change in circumstance or in the gap between the exterior and interior life of a divided self.
27 The next election, in 1866, put Congress under the control of radical Republicans, who stationed federal troops throughout the South.
28 steps just might rescue the Chakri dynasty. But a radical rethink seems unlikely.
29 Yet few of those who voted at the elections in November 2005 imagined that Zelaya would embark on a programme of radical change.
30 He pushes his ideas to their most radical conclusions.