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No. sentence
1 Critics are often denounced as racists or "coconuts" -black on the outside but white on the inside.
2 But in the matter of calling opponents to President Obama racists, Carter needs to take the advice he gave to Hillary Clinton during last year's presidential primaries and "give it up".
3 Some civil-rights groups argue that without a federal leash, Southern racists would quickly deny the vote to many blacks.
4 many saw the police as protecting racists; in 2010 they were defending their city.
5 The ability to prevent a less-preferred worker from accepting a lower wage is one of the most effective tools in the Arsenal of racists everywhere.
6 Indians who live in Australia is under threat from racists.
7 George was determined to break off with those racists.
8 Darwin became unfashionable among bien pensants because of a reaction to the excesses of eugenicists, racists and "social Darwinists" who misused his theories.
9 The racists attempted to strike down the opposition of the blacks by threatening to storm the town.
10 We love peace, we detest and despise the racists' crimes perpetrated recently.
11 Anyway, I used to be quite happy with my ethnicity but meeting all these racists has gotten me down.
12 this doesn't show that people are explicit terrible racists.
13 He never stopped organising the prophetic struggle, stoking the fire that no hoses or axes could put out, just as he was doing now, pushing the white racists of st Augustine farther into the sea.
14 I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists...
15 In conclusion, people who accuse others for being late with their own timeline are to be considered as Racists, and should be sentenced to death.
16 I don't hate Americans," says Felix. "Some are racist, but there are racists in Mexico, too."
17 Starting from today, the Chinese people in the world wanted fascist racists CNN host Cafferty. Where it can be all sons and daughters of China and the detractors.
18 Why? It is too glib to say from afar that the people of Arizona are dimwits, racists and cranks.
19 Four decades ago racists blew up churches and beat civil-rights marchers.
20 I have to say, China is 100% safe for tourists, we don t have gun shotshere, we don t have racists carrying a AK47.
21 they also engage in the struggle against fascists and racists, taking anti-fascist action and mobilizing to prevent hate rallies from happening.
22 if they live in the Jewish country, of being racists.
23 A 2016 statement issued by Zizi Kodwa, the ANC National Spokesperson states that "[t]he ANC rejects these [racist] comments with the contempt they deserve and calls on all South Africans to join in the rejection of all racists in our country, wherever they are.
24 In contrast to the ANC's swift and decisive action towards Sparrow and other white racists, they have mostly ignored racist comments voiced by blacks, in particular ANC members.
25 Having performed qualitative research among the BNP by interviewing various members, Goodwin noted that few of those he interviewed "conformed to the popular stereotypes of them being irrational and uninformed crude racists".
26 In May 2009, senior Hamas MP Sayed Abu Musameh said, "in our culture, we respect every foreigner, especially Jews and Christians, but we are against Zionists, not as nationalists but as fascists and racists."
27 Rowling expressed concern that "racists and bigots" were directing parts of the Leave campaign.
28 In September 2012, the band briefly did not display the Confederate flag, which had for years been a part of their stage show, because they did not want to be associated with racists that adopted the flag.
29 Abu-Jamal has described being "kicked ... into the Black Panther Party" as a teenager of 14, after suffering a beating from "white racists" and a policeman for trying to disrupt a 1968 rally for Independent candidate George Wallace, former governor of Alabama, who was running on a racist platform.
30 I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification;