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No. sentence
1 She pushed past me.
2 And investors in Shanghai have pushed up shares 24% so far this year, compared to a flat market in Mumbai.
3 When the city business was established the firm pushed out into the suburbs and opened branch shops.
4 Eventually he pushed her off, and she stumbled towards the winepress.
5 Yet so often the parcels we've carefully wrapped, once opened, are just pushed away because the very thing our little boy or girl was once so desperate for, they have now lost interest in.
6 Hall told investigators that his father hit him, kicked him and pushed him.
7 He pushed her into making a decision.
8 Chenayya wiped his palm against his sarong, pushed the door open, went into the store, and crouched by a corner of Mr. Pai's table.
9 He pushed the boat off with a shove of the pole.
10 The Philippines’ tourism ministry has pushed to promote and develop many of its prized islands and to draw more visitors than the usual weekenders from Manila or honeymooners from Korea.
11 Although most of them had already left when the explosion happened, the rest stayed trying to keep some order while the villagers shoved and pushed.
12 With the last light, we pushed on all the way to the edge: you could see the big dark leap of the valley and, if you stuck your nose out, even the light in the hut, almost beneath you.
13 He pulled the door just as someone else pushed it in, injuring the tendons in his thumb.
14 Tom pushed his way to the gate of the club by sweeping others aside.
15 It seemed a few weeks ago. He was standing at the gate, his peaked cap pushed back on his head and his hair tumbled forward over a face of bronze.
16 So she spoke cheering words to her donkey, who brayed in reply, and the two pushed steadily on.
17 He pushed the bread basket toward me.
18 Scientists believe strong earthquakes forced the bottom of the sea to rise above the water. After millions of years, it was pushed up into the air to form land and mountains.
19 I uttered an expression of disgust, and pushed past him into the yard, running against Earnshaw in my haste.
20 You no longer have to create them individually nor have them pushed from the server.
21 issue has pushed the already strained relations between the two Koreas to a nadir, said analysts.
22 He pushed a drunk freshman into the room where I was sitting with friends and followed him in to chat us up -yes, very slick.
23 I got up and playfully pushed her.
24 He jumped to his feet and when he brought grass for the horse it made friendly noises and playfully pushed him.
25 While my husband was pushing Robert on the swings, he said, “Daddy, remember when I was YOUR daddy, and I pushed YOU on the swings?!
26 But its expansion has pushed cattle ranches further into the jungle, and started itself to encroach on the forest.
27 He smirked and pushed the microscope to me.
28 He pushed the tray aside-something to deal with later-and headed down the hall, toward the music.
29 I had built up a mental image of myself as someone who had been pushed around and lied to by their company - and cognitive dissonance worked against them.
30 he tries to fix what's broken is poetic, but by the end he's cracked and a killer, but one who is easy to sympathize with because he just got pushed too far.