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No. sentence
1 If you used a paring knife, remove it and push the core through the bottom of the apple with your fingers.
2 If you don't have a corer, push a paring knife through the apple and cut around the core.
3 We were tired but we managed to push along to the next village.
4 We shall need all the votes we can get to push the new law through.
5 Shops are no longer allowed to push up their prices whenever they want.
6 To accurately reproduce the narrative in the output document, the style sheet must handle elements regardless of where they appear, and the push model excels at that.
7 We are not trying to push either of these models.
8 The firm wanted to push back the deadline but was refused.
9 We plant the seed but over time we push them toward capital markets so they can raise sufficient funding.
10 If they push too hard for revenue in the short term, they might drive away users, undermining a network.
11 The coach simply has to know when to push or prod and when to let the team members fly on their own.
12 Chuxiong prefecture committee school of CPC goes with time to push all work forward by innovation. New progress have been got in teaching, research, management and style construction.
13 If pressure gives you the push toward your goal, motivation gives you the pull.
14 true test, then, of the radical spirit, is the button-pushing test: if we could push the button for instantaneous abolition of unjust invasions of liberty, would we do it?
15 Lichen is the staple of their winter diet, and they must push aside the snow to reach it.
16 The service offers apps and push notifications for all of these platforms.
17 One absurd bid can push up prices for lots of people.
18 The best way I found to stop the cramp is to stand up keep your foot flat then push your ankle back and your knee forward.
19 Nook also has software that will detect when a consumer walks into a store so that it can push out coupons and other promotions like excerpts from forthcoming books or Suggestions for new reading.
20 If we interrupt the thought and push it aside with another distraction, the urge should go away.
21 Even if the strikes stopped in the course of a cease-fire, rebels would likely take advantage of Qaddafi's weakness to try to push the remnants of his assault forces westward, reigniting the fighting.
22 They watched it push dust towards a corner for a while.
23 Since they insist on going, we'll simply push the boat with the current and let them go with us.
24 We push seeds in the dirt and cover them.
25 You can push it with just a finger or two.
26 physical things behave as they do, not because they have anything analogous to desires but rather because they bump into each other, push each other, either by pressure of impact.
27 Mr Pan complains thatSEPA cannot effectively push through central edicts because it does not directly employ environmental personnel at the local level.
28 Have a friend squeeze your leg just above the knee while pushing on the kneecap. She should push from the outside of the leg toward the center.
29 gently nudge them into place, use an orange stick or try this trick: "After each hand wash, push back cuticles with a towel," says Los Angeles manicurist Elsbeth Schuetz.
30 But it will not be easy to push them without undermining sales of its other, less wholesome wares or appearing to nanny its customers.