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No. sentence
1 And even if you know in advance what the consequences will be, you still pursue her, as I did.
2 This future is not fixed, but it is a destination that can be reached if we pursue a sustained dialogue like the one that you will commence today, and act on what we hear and what we learn.
3 you have the courage to pursue your dreams?
4 All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
5 Zeihan says the new US president would risk provoking conflict with Pakistan if he sends US forces across the border from Afghanistan to pursue the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
6 To pursue the lofty mission of peace, it is both worthwhile and honorable for us to keep working hard, sometimes even forgetting all about food and sleep.
7 We will address them firmly and decisively as we pursue the urgent work we have to do together.
8 Why should we even have to decide whether to pursue truth?
9 Such regulations have made it difficult for women to pursue a sport, but some have 11)persevered .
10 I also spoke to an owner of an independent pretzel store I found on Long Island. I wanted to learn more about the pretzel business from the owner to see if it was something I wanted to pursue.
11 Stacey Snider said:"Jen's special enough to be somewhat unattainable but real enough that you can imagine a friendship, which is why you pursue her."
12 He believes you can pursue both.
13 They don't get enough opportunity to study art and drama or to pursue their passions.
14 I found more references than I could possibly pursue, but as I browsed, a picture emerged of a country with a clear set of goals and a plan for attaining them.
15 That is not because there is anything illegitimate about wanting a strong Russia. What is wrong is how they define that strength-in the Soviet terms of awe and anxiety-and how they pursue it.
16 Britain and France pursue and fine the consumers of pirated content.
17 Owing to the reluctance of the American public to enter the war, Roosevelt could not pursue his aim directly.
18 By recognizing the signs of talent or giftedness, we may pursue those talents as a career or to help a nonprofit group.
19 And that is why we have a responsibility to provide the financial and technical assistance needed to help these nations adapt to the impacts of climate change and pursue low-carbon development.
20 Do not pursue the forever love, must learn to grasp the happiness, some sincerity CARES about itself, sympathizes itself, dotes on own person, is the biggest happiness!
21 When the value lies in the activity itself, it will always remain valuable to pursue it together-unless it loses its value due to overuse.
22 They will leverage this work to pursue the Future Submarine programme.
23 You need to form your own opinions about the frameworks being examined, which ones you like, and what you decide to pursue.
24 amusing to me that I still pursue personal growth even when I'm asleep.
25 We could give people real leisure time, to spend with their friends and families, travel, pursue other interests.
26 But before the new Administration can pursue its own lofty hopes for Middle East peace, Jones will have to meet some goals closer to home.
27 We are limited by a short period of time to pursue fame and fortune or to take risks like a gambler desperate to sing as or live for today, as like a drunkard, even if the ghost to do tomorrow.
28 We have been endowed with absolute possibility, and the tools to pursue it.
29 We will also pursue diplomacy and development that supports the emergence of new and successful partners, from the Americas to Africa; from the Middle east to Southeast Asia.
30 For each individual tries, in every choice, to pursue his highest-ranking end; he foregoes or sacrifices the other, lower-ranking, ends that he could have satisfied with the resources available.