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No. sentence
1 With big 80s hair, the neon shades and the slingshot, she's probably the most "punk rock" of this bunch.
2 Punk purists are perhaps the most loathsome gnats in all of creation.
3 of a bathrobe and an evening gown, along with her punk style, accentuated the 41-year-old Wong's persona.
4 What do you mean, Flock of Seagulls? Don't make me bite you, punk!
5 conference with big heart and a solid execution plan - embraces the punk rock, DIY ethos by choosing not to see Rails developers as a profit center.
6 I was always a punk rocker at heart, so what I love to do is take all my friends out and just buy 'em drinks at the cool places.
7 In keeping with this year's theme, "Victorian Steam Punk," models were costumed in hoop skirts, wigs and umbrellas conjuring up images of the past.
8 Followers of punk culture developed their own, dystopian styles of music, which were originally like underground, minimalist rock and roll.
9 And the majority of his Seventies work would veer toward a more insidious realization of America Via explorations in the realm of punk and blues.
10 Probably just a hiker or a bird-watcher, Jesse figured, that or some punk looking to poach someone's marijuana, not knowing the ginseng was worth even more.
11 I guess he's supposed to be a punk rocker.
12 last year of CBGB, a bar that became a punk and art-rock laboratory in the 1970s (and whose founder, Hilly Kristal, died last month) came to symbolise this squeeze.
13 a historian of consulting at Oxford University, says clients may balk at paying handsomely for a “young punk” of a consultant.
14 OK Cupid, in its profile, comes across as the witty, literate geek-hipster, the math major with the Daft Punk vinyl collection and the mumblecore screenplay in development.
15 Wintergreen was a snide little punk who enjoyed working at cross - purposes.
16 The Arab leans over, flicks the edge of the punk rock musician's opened Chronicle.
17 The study volunteers chose a wide range of music - from classical and jazz to punk, tango and even bagpipes.
18 As for the suspects, Sean is a former Vietnam medical technician who ACTS as surrogate father to his so-called "daughter", Jimmy, an androgynous druggie punk.
19 she stopped by the institution's punk history exhibition to scrawl over the names of prominent female punk artists in permanent marker onto to the show's signage.
20 Others, like edgy, punk/rock music clothier Hot Topic ( HOTT - news - people ), give out monthly bonuses, cash and prize incentives.
21 conflict in Warning’s material, as the group’s hard punk edge seemed increasingly at-odds with their steadily maturing songwriting acumen.
22 Why did I just tell you a story about punk rock and independent music?
23 In any event, there are few things less "punk" than a rock opera.
24 The classic Christmas song has spawned a wide variety of covers, including pop, punk and even heavy metal versions.
25 Rock, and then soul, and then punk album covers.
26 Remarkably, it has been a style guide for pretty much every subsequent musical genre: punk, metal, emo, hip-hop, Britpop.
27 A tattooed and very inebriated punk knocks over an elderly lady's walking frame as he staggers to find a free seat.
28 Some young punk at Sunday Mass tried to Papal Pound me.
29 She operates outside society but not outside morality. She is an outlaw, or a sprite-a punk fairy.
30 To start, the Paper Punk fold-your-own toys include three kits with more on their way.