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1 Wilkinson said Olive Garden was better than any restaurant in Italy, but her free publicity was not exactly welcomed.
2 Oriental peak film company suggestion enterprise investigation production company propaganda ideas and see whos thinking more in line with the enterprise publicity requirements.
3 My story had attracted publicity, so there were radio and television interviews.
4 He spluttered, 'I was not involved in this matter but have been aware of the publicity about it.
5 I still think that they only got married to get more publicity for their movies and themselves.
6 We answer that the Long March is the first of its kind in the annals of history, that is a manifesto, a publicity team, a seeding-machine.
7 Those opposing action on climate change understand this well and frequently use images of electric light at night in their publicity as a metaphor for excitement, civilisation, and progress.
8 Never before in Europe has so much money been moved around the continent amid so much publicity.
9 complaining so loudly, critics have given the encyclopaedia publicity that most booksellers could only dream of.
10 missteps and frailties of every one else in the world were canvassed here with the most shameless publicity.
11 number of freelances, from actors to directors via set builders and publicity agents, come together with a common purpose: to make a movie, to tell a story on celluloid.
12 Every time a female CEO fails, she is bound to receive plenty of bad publicity.
13 The photo shows Hepburn posing for one of the movie's iconic publicity shots with pencil lines marking up her face, supposedly indicating where the gamine star could use a bit of smoothing.
14 'Our decision to discontinue selling the.cn names had nothing to do with [gm99nd]' s decision to move its search into Hong Kong. Nor does it have anything to do with generating publicity, 'she said.
15 Our decision to discontinue selling the.cn names had nothing to do with Google's decision to move its search into Hong Kong. Nor does it have anything to do with generating publicity,' she said.
16 But another publicity campaign enjoyed great success: the National Dunking Association.
17 Colleges often say no to those who donate solely for commercial publicity, as it may affect the independence and traditions of the college.
18 they thrive on the oxygen of publicity, boasting of their exploits on Twitter and other social-media services.
19 When you ask him about his self-described “disdain” for publicity, he says: “I’m embarrassed by it.
20 When Rockets star Tracy McGrady wed CleRenda Harris in October 2006, the couple embraced the publicity.
21 hope was that giving the warning more publicity would make the government look in control and make the public vigilant rather than just scared.
22 There's a sense of complacency because while the plant has had a lot of negative publicity, no major disaster has occurred.
23 A publicity specialist for 7-11... one of the four chains involved... said conservation is getting to be mainstream, and called it a direction her companys been taking for a while.
24 study of translation from the postcolonial perspective has gained the full glare of publicity on the international scene of translation studies.
25 Four years ago, he had just become publicity manager at Vienna's sewer company and was struggling for inspirations to promote it.
26 River's death will only bring more publicity for the originally themed diner - which, along with the ironic nature of his demise, would no doubt amuse him.
27 nasa suffered huge and adverse publicity as a result, andPROJECT MANAGEMENThad to wait three further years before the necessary correctionscould be made and its reputation could be reinstated.
28 So if we get some good publicity, maybe it will offset some of the bad publicity.
29 Firms often pay off disgruntled accusers rather than go to court, since juries are unpredictable, damages can be steep and the publicity of a trial is always unwelcome.
30 ArsDigita got a lot of publicity for buying a Ferrari and putting it in the parking lot and announcing that anyone who got 10 referrals could have it.