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public spaces in a sentence

1. Public art adorns (or disfigures) public spaces.

2. We deserve public spaces that inspire.

3. and various parks and public spaces.

4. Others praised the complex's internal public spaces.

5. The museum has two innovative public spaces.

6. Eleven of them are located in key public spaces;

7. Ducks are also commonly fed in public spaces.

8. Puerta de Tierra was awarded "best public spaces".

9. Fairs are set up in numerous parks and public spaces.

10. the reduction in quality of surrounding public spaces;

11. Advertising was prominent in Home's public spaces.

12. Parks and Public Spaces;

13. KØS - museum of art in public spaces.

14. However, many public spaces remain intact.

15. The media/substrates may be located in public spaces.

16. Public spaces (landscape architecture) Interiors.

17. There is an abundance of trees, but no public spaces.

18. improvements to the green public spaces;

19. But I'm a supporter of public art in public spaces."

20. 47.2% of the incidents occurred in public spaces.

21. His work is displayed in many public spaces in France.

22. The first and second floors contained public spaces.

23. Public spaces and rooms were designed by Wilson &

24. Works in Public Spaces include:

25. She produced sculptures and busts for public spaces;

26. operating predominantly in public spaces.

27. a freestanding colonnade which created public spaces.

28. dedicated to art in public spaces.

29. Her works are also on display in public spaces.

30. New and refurbished public Spaces.