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No. sentence
1 Pram provided with a radio, including antenna and loudspeaker, to keep the baby quiet.
2 This means that the owning class "realizes" the provided interfaces on the port.
3 can wire any reference of one component to any other component, provided the component's interface matches the interface required by th reference.
4 The AVOs thanked me for the support I provided that helped them do their job better.
5 In conclusion, Indians can make wonderful, inexpensive employees provided you put them to the job they will do best in.
6 Wherever possible, mothers and babies should remain together and be provided with the support they need to exercise the most appropriate feeding option under the circumstances.
7 This provided too much justification for what they were doing and so, paradoxically, afterwards they drew less.
8 Suggestions on improving parental quality for children's education in Yuxi are provided based on the conclusion as well as the actual practice of the family education of the local parents.
9 At a feudal festival, Aleck provided a feast for all of his classmates at home.
10 He provided redemption for his people; he ordained his covenant forever - holy and awesome is his name.
11 In this illustration, analysis confirmed that the organization had an urgent need and provided a clear priority for this need to be addressed.
12 Feedback is provided to the user in the form of status bar messages: Green for good news, red for bad news.
13 Yet, if a bird sits still, instead of gathering the food God has provided for them, they will starve.
14 new law provided for equality of human rights.
15 Epidemiological information provided by Mexico, the US and Canada demonstrated person-to-person transmission.
16 Costs are being scrutinised across the group: one divisional boss boasts that he now buys his own newspapers and provided his office rug.
17 This attribute takes a Boolean value indicating whether only the integer portion of the provided value should be parsed.
18 The driving brush is also provided with a handle and a knob which can be dismounted, mounted and prolonged instantly to swap higher parts and far parts which cannot be reached by using the handle.
19 Command execute logic should be provided in this method.
20 But) we think figures provided by individuals exaggerate pollution problems in our area," he said.
21 If no entry content is provided, there must be at least one alternate link pointing to the content.
22 Using this basic framework you can perform more complex lookups and decoding that do not rely on the automated solutions provided by tcpdump or snoop.
23 You can do this either by typing an expression (like those provided to tcpdump, snoop or iptrace) into the Filter box.
24 So, with this information entered, you have provided all the necessary deployment information, and your deployment configuration should resemble the one shown in Figure 5.
25 If you provided all of the correct Settings, you should get output similar to Figure 33.
26 This reduced the total number of servers from 39 to 14 and provided a highly available and load-balanced environment for all users.
27 They should clearly understand their role in the security chain and be provided with support, in tools and education.
28 The boss of the yoga studio is very kind to us," says Fen Ye, my guide. Slipping off my shoes at the doorway, I pad up stairs lined with Buddhas in the red plastic flip-flops provided.
29 The lessor shall, in accordance with the time and standards provided in the contract, turn over the leased property for the use of the lessee.
30 This article has just skimmed the surface of this interesting field but has provided a starting point you to create an effective information-management policy for your specific needs.