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protesting in a sentence

1. They were protesting at Westminster.

2. Protesting innocence, Palmerston resigned.

3. I'm not protesting.

4. He left on 16 November without protesting.

5. a motet protesting the 1527 sack of Rome;

6. Jazani and the others began protesting.

7. Korean farmers protesting in water.

8. About 500 people were arrested for protesting.

9. Sayid comes along, protesting.

10. She is also an expert of protesting.

11. They didn't know who was protesting out there.

12. Thorn died protesting his innocence.

13. Turks protesting in Stockholm, Sweden.

14. Maybe we should've been protesting there."

15. Poster protesting hunger, 2010.

16. Poster protesting homelessness, 2010.

17. I am not protesting anything.

18. "The monks are still protesting.

19. London Turks protesting.

20. Regina protesting the redevelopment;

21. The faculty and students are all protesting".

22. They're not protesting banking.

23. Numerous other protesting groups joined.

24. all the protesting was coming from there.

25. Dynamo were protesting to play in Sumy.

26. They weren't armed, they weren't protesting.

27. Barrow, strongly protesting, steps aside.

28. People protesting in Grand Bazar.

29. While protesting a call, Jack is ejected;

30. Veterans protesting the Vietnam War.