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prosecutorial in a sentence

1. Iredell County is part of prosecutorial District 22A with Alexander County.

2. Jackson pursued his prosecutorial role with a great deal of vigor.

3. the case was riddled with prosecutorial and judicial misconduct;

4. Radosh and Milton also condemned prosecutorial misconduct in the case.

5. But nearly a year passed before any prosecutorial action was taken.

6. Judges are dependent on administrators, bidding prosecutorial offices in turn.

7. the Committee on Domestic Violence, and the Prosecutorial Advisory Council.

8. Other causes include police and prosecutorial misconduct.

9. This prosecutorial role can not be removed from her by the Scottish Parliament.

10. Stevens's conviction was later set aside due to prosecutorial misconduct.

11. the case was riddled with prosecutorial and judicial misconduct;

12. A U.S. judge dismissed all charges against her due to prosecutorial misconduct.

13. The Passive Judiciary: Prosecutorial Discretion and the Guilty Plea (1980);

14. China's judicial organs perform prosecutorial and court functions.

15. Arizona, for instance, expressly disclaims this prosecutorial authority.

16. He took office in January 2005, with virtually no prosecutorial experience.

17. Prosecutorial jurisdiction lies with the Public Prosecutor General.

18. The 1990 murder conviction was upheld despite Grace's prosecutorial misconduct.

19. Before his prosecutorial appointment, Mortazavi was a judge.

20. The prosecutorial system runs parallel to its court system.

21. 6. A Platform for Prosecutorial Interaction.

22. Prosecutorial Reform Index;

23. The other major theme in Six Million Crucifixions is prosecutorial.

24. —. "Elder Abuse: Strengthening Victim Outcomes Prosecutorial Leadership."

25. She notably authored a bill to make prosecutorial misconduct a felony offense.

26. Prosecutorial independence is a principle of Canadian constitutional law.

27. This type of delay may overlap with prosecutorial delay.

28. This is true in detective work; it is true in prosecutorial work.

29. Second chapter, prosecutorial supervision's origin and development.

30. prosecutorial committee shall have the qualification for a public prosecutor.