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proponents in a sentence

1. Proponents, such as Prof.

2. Proponents are often called federalists.

3. Proponents include Brand Blanshard.

4. It had many proponents in Britain.

5. Proponents refer to its simple structure.

6. Topics: Types: Applications: Proponents:

7. Both proponents left Britain;

8. His proponents would disagree.

9. Its proponents are mainly Christians.

10. Some proponents go further.

11. The main proponents came from Russia.

12. Its proponents are called minarchists.

13. IRAC has many proponents and opponents.

14. Proponents cite public safety.

15. Proponents, such as Sgt.

16. Her parents were proponents of hard work;

17. narrations on 63 Jain proponents in all.

18. Various arguments are made by proponents.

19. Est had its critics and proponents.

20. That same day, proponents of Prop.

21. Proponents of the No Land!

22. Proponents of the No Land!

23. Each option had it proponents.

24. Proponents presented only two witnesses.

25. Proponents' appealed both decisions.

26. It had its critics and proponents.

27. The ten proponents of Toward North.

28. Proponents of Prop.

29. Proponents of Prop.

30. This drives its proponents up the wall."