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1 But they are not a panacea for world hunger, despite many assertions to the contrary by their proponents.
2 Proponents of the American bill countered that they would never want a shutdown on Egyptian lines.
3 He derided its proponents as "half-scientist... half-charlatan", decried their "indefensible" conceptual basis, and ascribed their popularity to "extraordinary" American credulity.
4 Second, the proponents expect, will be a new wave of investment in the cluster of industries near the canal.
5 Proponents say genes isolated from the body are chemicals that are different from those found in the body and therefore are eligible for patents.
6 Proponents of the Sleeping Beauty diet sedate themselves heavily for many days, so that when they wake up they’re much thinner.
7 's interesting that many of evolutionary design's major proponents, like Kent Beck and Ward Cunningham, are stunningly good designers.
8 however, the proponents of this bill finally got smacked over the head by their wives and the idea died out.
9 In turn, many proponents of "peak oil" theory, the idea that the global rate of oil production has entered a terminal decline, have insisted that the cable confirms their view on resource scarcity.
10 Credits that expire every year or two cause sudden booms and busts, making it hard for turbine-makers to make longer-term plans and thus holding back the industry, say proponents of wind power.
11 Then we had this spiritual and intellectual awakening that came out of Alma-Ata, and suddenly some proponents of primary health care went back to the old selective approach again.
12 Many Kanban proponents will say to me, "no, Kanban is a whole philosophy" to which I ask, "why not talk about Lean as a whole then"?
13 Proponents of this principle want it to become law, out of concern that network owners will breach it if they can.
14 Many proponents of DI prefer constructor injection, because it means that the injected class never exists in a state where its dependencies aren't present.
15 Scrum proponents claim great success applying it to software development projects of all sizes.
16 But its proponents have so far struggled to incorporate gravity into their theories.
17 Proponents of such programs say clean needles help decrease infection — without encouraging use — at a price far lower than that of treating a person with HIV/AIDS.
18 This conclusion should particularly discomfit popular proponents of atheism, such as Richard Dawkins, whose position is entirely based on demonstrably faulty arguments.
19 two-day event at the Dubai World Trade Centre brings together 16 proponents of healthy living from as far as Singapore, Russia and the United States.
20 Its proponents have promised to work with other senators on a more modest law that would not break WTO rules, a process that is likely to take at least six months.
21 Proponents of the 2009 measure argued it would inject much-needed liquidity into the markets — a pitch that's lost its urgency as Banks have loosened up on lending.
22 Proponents of the abolition bills describe the death penalty as an expensive programme with few benefits. There is little evidence that the death penalty deters.
23 The promise to create new European authorities was hailed by proponents of centralised regulation as a victory over Britain.
24 Proponents of the PhD argue that it is worthwhile even if it does not lead to permanent academic employment.
25 The most pessimistic peak-oil proponents think that global oil supply has peaked or is about to do so.
26 Naturalists, or proponents of natural law, insist that the rules enacted by government are not the only sources of law.
27 Proponents said it would generate clean electricity and open up new swaths of the Yangtze for navigation by bigger boats while preventing lethal flooding.
28 EVEN a broken clock is right twice a day, so the notion that starving the beast is a bad strategy doesn't imply that its proponents are wrong about everything.
29 Proponents of clean energy rightly point out that the Fukushima debacle shows that nuclear's costs can go well beyond capital and maintenance.
30 of the great proponents of psychic warfare was Major General Albert Stubblebine III - and back in 1983, he was at the height of his powers.