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1 in fact, the most dominant proponent of the view is our very own Frank Keil, master of Morse College at Yale, who has strongly defended the notion of an intuitive biological module.
2 I am a proponent of setting goals.
3 He is now an enthusiastic proponent of austerity and reform but this has lost him voters and was unlikely to produce sufficient growth, or jobs, to win him new ones by next spring.
4 Greene is perhaps the best-known proponent of superstring theory, the idea that minuscule strands of energy vibrating in 11 dimensions create every particle and force in the universe.
5 Well, ironically, he's a proponent of giving away content for free as a business model – and for years he's been telling the music industry to adapt to it.
6 The only quoted proponent of non-English is Raj Thackeray, a Mumbai politician "enraged" by the encroachment of English on Marathi in his city (though he sends his son to an English-language school).
7 Despite being a vocal proponent of this change, I will be very honest and say that I went into this switch to TFS with more than a bit of nervousness.
8 Senator John McCain, once a stalwart proponent of a more moderate immigration policy, turned himself into an immigration hawk to parry a challenge in the Republican primaries.
9 Sierra Leone, for instance, which experienced horrors rather like Darfur's, has become a strong proponent of justice and a firm believer in the part it must play in ending conflicts.
10 I was, and remain, a strong proponent of our enhanced interrogation programme.
11 But if you are an Agile proponent, it's likely that you have first-hand experience with how a small team can outperform a large team and deliver superior software in less time.
12 Harvard's Herbert Benson is probably the most persuasive proponent of this view.
13 He's a leading proponent of the vibrational theory of smell — the idea that when our noses pick up a scent, we're reacting to the vibrational properties of the molecule we're smelling.
14 The US space agency has been working on a project with The Planetary Society, a long-time proponent of the technology.
15 Maurice Glasman, an academic who was ennobled earlier this year, is one proponent.
16 it was an early proponent of next-generation "converged" networks, which cost less to run.
17 Because in inflation the dollar is devalued, I am a proponent of owning bullion and avoiding gold ETFs, but I do believe gold and gold-miner stocks will provide great returns over the next few years.
18 About 50 miles (80 km) from the Tehri Dam, I met Ambrish Sharma, executive engineer of a small dam at Dakpathar Barrage and a proponent of this new thinking.
19 He was a great proponent of simplicity, saying once, “An architect’s most useful tools are an eraser at the drafting board and a wrecking bar at the site.”
20 Wagner was an early proponent of the art.
21 the main proponent of reticular theory, had introduced the use of carmine and gelatin, and then gold chloride, to stain tissues for microscopic examination.
22 is a proponent of a new movement known as Lean UX.
23 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke is a staunch proponent of devaluing the dollar against gold and is very supportive of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's decision to do so in 1934.
24 Campos is a strong proponent of employee accountability.
25 I've long been a proponent of both the RAD-based approach as well as model-based application development, because both offer significant benefits.
26 He was a major proponent of a health and nutrition program for pregnant women and infants.
27 data typing proponent might want to touch up the schema in Listing 2 to look like the version in Listing 3.
28 Samsung is a proponent of the technology and hopes to bring out products based on the standard by the end of 2011.
29 The Obamas stuck with the existing chef, who it turns out was already an ardent - though quiet - proponent of locally grown food.
30 's ironic that Cheney, a proponent of the unitary executive, drove this trend.