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prophetic in a sentence

1. Wieman's words proved prophetic.

2. 141-160. Prophetic No. 1 Vol.

3. His dream was a prophetic vision.

4. "Prophetic Ministry Today."

5. his prophetic leadership;

6. His words then spoken were prophetic.

7. She said his design was "prophetic."

8. This advice soon proved prophetic.

9. Building a Prophetic Community;

10. Yates' words were to prove prophetic.

11. He is daring and prophetic.

12. It's prophetic.

13. Mystical and Prophetic prayer.

14. The news report proved prophetic.

15. prophetic witness.

16. the violence of the Prophetic books;

17. His timing was prophetic.

18. The statement proved prophetic.

19. The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol.

20. The Prophetic Herbie Nichols Vol.

21. McGugin proved prophetic;

22. His words were prophetic.

23. He also possessed prophetic gifts.

24. A "time" is a prophetic year.

25. It was certainly prophetic.

26. It was a prophetic prediction.

27. How prophetic are these examples?

28. Washington's vision was prophetic.

29. A year later, Jack looked prophetic.

30. Golden harp of the prophetic seers.