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No. sentence
1 In his spare time, which he had much of, he grew grapes on his property and fermented them in one of the outbuildings.
2 His property holdings will be disposed of in his will.
3 He has made over the whole property to his son.
4 Most people bequeath their property to their spouses and children.
5 property has been deeded to her by her husband.
6 property of matter to attract.
7 Members of the country's elite have many personal ties with the West: they own property in London, send their children to British and American universities and hold foreign bank accounts.
8 She is believed to be looking for property in central Auckland.
9 In parts of Southeast Asia, early experiments in paying landowners for preserving forest have been hampered because it is often unclear who owns, or controls, property.
10 I deem it advisable to buy property now.
11 Focus and selection state are broadcast through a property.
12 The number of properties to broadcast can be set as an advanced component property.
13 The poor in Gansu and Yunnan, by contrast are at risk of having their meagre property confiscated if they fail to remain within birthing quotas.
14 will be like a man going on a journey, who called his servantsand entrusted his property to them.
15 These rights are liberty, property, security, and resistance to oppression.
16 His property was temporally held by the police.
17 My father and uncle were separated from each other and my grandparents, and were stripped of all identification and property.
18 To show other properties of the element, use the left or right arrows in the title bar to switch property pages.
19 You perform this manipulation by invoking methods of the objects or changing their property values.
20 In this case however, despite the name of the property, it need not and should not be unique.
21 But kids are not our property. They are free.
22 But certainly we could go much further toward private ownership than we have until now, turning rivers, for example, into private property, as is done in Scotland.
23 One obvious solution is to transform, to the extent possible, the Commons into private property; this has been done with rivers, lakes, and land but is hard to do with air and oceans.
24 Their eggs from rolling down the hillside: Who broke the last egg, will win, all property of all of his eggs.
25 so since these discussions almost inevitably turn to questions of prices, patents, intellectual property protection, and competition.
26 You need a housekeeper to nurse your property.
27 The student's personal property is neither the responsibility of ACES nor the Host Family.
28 According to the Hibernate Shards documentation, this property is quite expensive and should be turned off in a production environment.
29 Shortened links may be important bits of intellectual property.
30 Credit crunch became common parlance, the banking system was brought to the brink, and what began as an American property crisis gradually enveloped the world.