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1 Few of her former comrades enjoy this comfort; but, as another resident explained, the authorities like them to live there "to do propaganda and education work".
2 To someone like me, who comes here for a month or so every year, the exhibition had a touch of propaganda about it, or, at least, of advertising.
3 It is not enough to give us the firm beliefs which we need to resist an enemy who USES propaganda as one of his main weapons not only in the most blatant but also in the most subtle forms.
4 Leaked propaganda directives ordered journalists not to investigate the causes and footage emerged of bulldozers shovelling dirt over carriages.
5 Independent media emerged, and began overturning the systematic lies and propaganda of the past.
6 Who Believes Propaganda?
7 But there have been people who have made massive propaganda campaigns to provoke people and to create a state of agitation in the country.
8 They perturb good social order with their lie and propaganda.
9 They muted the propaganda campaign later.
10 Oriental peak film company suggestion enterprise investigation production company propaganda ideas and see whos thinking more in line with the enterprise publicity requirements.
11 The resulting photo (see above) was a terrific advertisement in a country where capitalist propaganda was banned.
12 Nipping conflict in the bud by silencing dark propaganda would do a lot of good.
13 As for the major TV networks, they were not hoodwinked by a Pentagon propaganda scheme.
14 They serve as a recruitment and propaganda tool for terrorists. They increase the will of our enemies to fight against us, and endanger our troops when they are captured.
15 Explore the reasons for its failure to do with todays enlightened public opinion and propaganda.
16 For example, during the elections, they have massive propaganda against Iran at that time.
17 Sri Lanka’s rulers denied responsibility for the shelling, suggesting that the Tigers may themselves be destroying buildings, perhaps for reasons of propaganda.
18 I think what he was really trying to say was: Propaganda is as old as war itself, and if we talk about the enemy in an inhuman fashion so as to build fighting fervor, is that right or wrong?
19 But this is an almost absurd distillation, the carefully spun fable of Soviet propaganda mills.
20 They complained of being "deceived" to their handlers who told them bluntly the propaganda was designed to impress enemies and potential recruits and did not reflect reality.
21 of her prophecies are scary; some of them look like Russian propaganda, but all together, they should be given attention.
22 It was but one of many propaganda items aimed at children.
23 So I believe this is basically propaganda aimed at Western public opinion," Felgenhauer said.
24 This kind of propaganda can have a substantial influence on our subconscious if we are not clear about what really matters to us personally.
25 As with almost all propaganda techniques, the subject should attempt to find more information on the topic.
26 But is this mere propaganda?
27 why I would not call this exhibition real history but propaganda.
28 But, dry and scientific though it may be, the report is also a platform for propaganda.
29 he meant it; that was not just propaganda.
30 I imagine that Party propaganda people will not pursue this line, however.