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No. sentence
1 We launch a big advertising campaign to promote our new toothpaste.
2 It can significantly promote performance of events delivery.
3 The meeting discussed how to promote this latest product.
4 Third, the flow of resources through financial institutions is an irresistible source of government patronage. An important exemplar was the effort to promote home ownership among the insolvent.
5 studying the status and characteristics of private economy in Yuxi City, finding out the existing problems , can we further promote its development.
6 Implement the spirit, grasp the focal point, promote the great development of Yuxi 's economy.
7 This would better enable us to tackle the current crisis and promote economic recovery and growth.
8 So what should we do to promote peace, in addition to the proposals mentioned above?
9 Community tourism runs a couple of projects in a bid to promote community tourism in Kenya.
10 China's government has long felt misunderstood and misrepresented by the international media, and aims to promote its own voice to redress the perceived imbalance.
11 Her order was founded, in 1843, to promote the conversion of Jews to Christianity.
12 The Philippines’ tourism ministry has pushed to promote and develop many of its prized islands and to draw more visitors than the usual weekenders from Manila or honeymooners from Korea.
13 I welcome those efforts and, more broadly, the work of ITU and others to promote broadband access in rural and remote areas around the world.
14 Rite promote rehabilitation, in order to respect mother Yang received the heart of benevolence, filial piety, ritual three drops of nectar, to Heaven realm.
15 In this channel, they include items for Web pages they want to promote.
16 high tariffs on imported sugar, to the benefit of America's beet and cane farmers, have also helped to promote HFCS.
17 week five, patients receive vitamins, amino acids, herbs and minerals that decrease cell stress and promote normal synaptic transmission.
18 leadership, lead technicians, project managers, and all of the visible people in these projects must be positive forces and constantly promote the vision and the future state.
19 But do video games actually provoke aggressive feelings, reduce activity in the frontal lobe of the brain and promote violent behavior, as the California law asserts?
20 Experimental data showed that the surfactant could promote the penetration of liquefying reagents into the fibrous raw materials, resulting in accelerated liquefaction rate.
21 we should persist in the city operation principle, strengthen the characteristic economy, develop the brand economy, and promote the citys core competition ability.
22 If you do need to eat or drink near bedtime, try items which can naturally promote sleep like milk, eggs, avocados, bananas, tuna and oats.
23 advertisers tend to see broadcast television, with its consistently wholesome quality, as a safe place to promote their products.
24 we must promote our values by living them at home — which is why I have prohibited torture and will close the prison at Guantanamo Bay.
25 Don't Overstretch: While stretching can promote flexibility, stretching too far actually can damage the muscles-particularly if you're recovering form an injury.
26 Above all emphasize the need to promote the health of mothers and their children everywhere.
27 This scenario caters to a sales scenario, but there are many roles in a company that promote this type of behavior.
28 I have to admit, I am guilty of the same as I promote products through affiliate links and advertisements.
29 He dared to tell the French what they did not care to hear: that they should work more, take more risks, promote more ethnic minorities, be nicer to America.
30 That this will be captured before it can get into the atmosphere and promote climate change will be a bonus.