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prohibitively in a sentence

1. Such modifications are often prohibitively expensive.

2. If many relations are joined, it may be prohibitively slow.

3. As a result, the pigment was prohibitively expensive in Europe.

4. Its high value makes it prohibitively expensive for power plant use.

5. This is costly, and prohibitively so for some theaters.

6. Where precautions are prohibitively expensive, it does not.

7. However, this can be prohibitively costly, especially for bulk material.

8. executing a program for all inputs is prohibitively expensive.

9. That enterprise proved to be prohibitively expensive.

10. These factors can make PET prohibitively expensive.

11. This, however, is prohibitively expensive.

12. However, to pursue such a case would be prohibitively expensive.

13. The SynthAxe was prohibitively expensive and therefore not widely used.

14. Reportedly she asked for a prohibitively large sum of money.

15. the Fouga and BDR projects seemed to become prohibitively heavy;

16. Getting trained humans on site could be prohibitively difficult.

17. Live shipment was prohibitively expensive.

18. It would be prohibitively expensive to raise geese for down alone.

19. Prohibitively high housing prices had led to an urban exodus.

20. the use of new combines would be prohibitively expensive.

21. To do raises the cost of production, almost prohibitively.

22. The cost of this advice is prohibitively expensive for most citizens.

23. Yet, more often than not they are found prohibitively damaged.

24. Importing these materials also turned out to be prohibitively expensive.

25. A list of all such leaders would be prohibitively long.

26. However, this method is prohibitively expensive.

27. Importing them was prohibitively expensive due to a 45% import tariff.

28. Replacing church roofs is prohibitively expensive.

29. However, organizing a legitimate event can be prohibitively expensive.

30. The idea never took off because it was prohibitively expensive.