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No. sentence
1 You may encounter the same question when you retrace the progress of civilization.
2 All of us have a choice: we can either make excuses, or make progress in life.
3 Yet while liberals have cheered the result as a mark of social progress, it does not necessarily augur plain sailing for the al-Sabah family that has ruled Kuwait since the 18th century.
4 Salim Salim says regional conflicts are undermining all progress.
5 The difference between these two states, in a nutshell, is the progress.
6 Chuxiong prefecture committee school of CPC goes with time to push all work forward by innovation. New progress have been got in teaching, research, management and style construction.
7 In the name of progress, forests have been denuded, lakes poisoned with pesticides, underground aquifers pumped dry.
8 Should I resist the inevitable march of progress?
9 If you wish, you can also have (within the code) dialog boxes that will overlay the progress bar.
10 If the progress bar is visible, it means that the project build is in progress and you must wait for it to finish.
11 The status bar also shows a work item ID and name if there is a work item in progress.
12 All this may be the price we pay for progress.
13 They are making progress on the product they create together but spinning in the hamster wheel nonetheless.
14 innovative approaches are required to tackle social conundrums and to clear paths for progress.
15 The finite which admits of progress and sublime toil, they do not think about.
16 Progress is so slow, the issue is not so much when America will return to full employment but what "full employment" will mean by the time it does.
17 Despite their intentions and being in a strategic position, they often stop the progress being called for.
18 Although calling people to repent, Smith's creed reflected contemporary American optimism in its emphasis on humanity's inherent goodness and limitless potential for progress.
19 For projects in progress, merge them and use the new and revised objects and patterns in their Workspaces as necessary from the Architectural Foundation encyclopedia.
20 But then I also remember that times of rapid change can bring pain and confusion, even destruction, as well as progress and excitement.
21 That progress speaks well not only for the sacrifices and intestinal fortitude of a people but also for a nation in which the gains were possible.
22 your muscles and tendons and ligaments and joints to adjust to the stress of running, and if you progress to rapidly, you'll get injured.
23 As the command executes, it describes work in progress, some of which is shown below.
24 Russia is a great nation and the people of Russia have created magnificent history and brilliant culture, making prominent contributions to human civilization and progress.
25 progress in the antitumor effect and mechanism of earthworm active extracts is discussed in this paper.
26 The book treats of the progress of civilization.
27 This trend towards dealing with extraterrestrials as near equals, he believes, is encouraging progress for the human race, since it means we are coming out of our planetary cocoon.
28 We must heed these signs if the future, the new era of information and progress, is to be ours.
29 It could, and should, be a force for progress, he said.
30 Soon we were chugging through the city's ragged outskirts, pillars of diesel smoke barreling from the engine, the sun blotted out by our industrial-age progress into the raw heart of Tanzania.