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No. sentence
1 Yokohama, a Japanese tyremaker, is promoting a tyre made with oil from orange peel, a waste product from the production of orange juice.
2 In production code, you would not want that; but for early testing, something like what I do is helpful.
3 In the paring down of genetic material and the production of several slave RACES of humans, the information for the unconscious was lost.
4 By publishing directly from the staging portal to production, you can be sure that what is in production has always gone through staging.
5 Money, after all, can neither be eaten nor used up in production.
6 But we believe that mass production will lower the cost, as with personal computers, mobile phones, and regular automobiles.
7 In such cases, the data analyst must build representative data samples from existing test data or sample the production data.
8 For testing, you should grab a database dump of your production environment from a certain point in time so that you have something to test with.
9 Migrate the production database with the latest data.
10 For example, if one of the OU entries is prod or dev, then it will be possible to construct an SSLPEER that prevents interconnection between production and development queue managers.
11 When you type grails prod run-app, you are telling grails to use the database Settings in the production block.
12 Type grails prod run-app to run the application in production mode. If all goes well, you should be greeted with a message that says.
13 If it is "managed by system" on production, it should also be that way on test.
14 If you're testing in a production environment, you may not have even Numbers of visitors seeing each design (though they should be close).
15 Even China's most successful domestic computer firm, Lenovo, which acquired IBM's personal-computer business in 2004, contracts its production out to Taiwanese companies.
16 Moreover, algae might be grown on arid land and brackish water, so that fuel production would not compete with food production.
17 Among smaller car makers, Mitsubishi said its production hubs in Japan's Aichi, Gifu, and Okayama prefectures were not affected by the earthquake.
18 According to the real situation of the production of a factory of Qujing Prefecture, where the use the best Scientific production plan made on basis of linear programming.
19 quite a long time in the future, China's energy production and consumption will continue to be dominated by coal, which present us a vast platform for technical cooperation.
20 The QA process, though often relegated to a secondary position in the production pipeline, is emphasized as a critical component of the development process.
21 Bioenergy crops that compete with land and water for food production should not be grown in areas facing food security challenges, they emphasized.
22 Production of clothing and footwear, for instance, has almost halved since 1992.
23 If the only thing you take from the article is doing load testing prior to putting an application in production, it will have been well worth writing it.
24 What I would advise you would be to load it (the library itself, and the scripts with your tests) automatically in a development and test environments, removing them when in production.
25 Their discussion gradually rounded into a plan for ensuring safety in production.
26 However, such a topology can be successfully used in production environments as a part of the site architecture.
27 External critics have frequently argued that this cannot be substantiated by firm evidence and say the world has already passed its peak in oil production.
28 with the story," he says of the geysers of plasma. "I'd seen different Sweeney Todd productions on stage, and when they skimped on the blood, the production lost something."
29 The environment should also use the same operating system and software versions as production.
30 Since the new management system was put into effect, the production of this factory has increased tremendously.