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pro players in a sentence

1. Other than Negro league catcher, Ebel Brooks, Paige's team was composed of local semi-pro players.

2. Rosewall won 14-4. Laver's gross earnings for 1963 were $60,000, first among the pro players.

3. By 1916 Marshall was one of the best semi-pro players in the Twin Cities area.

4. The top 16 pro players selected due to various criteria were invited to the Players Championship.

5. Hoad's gross earnings from tennis play for the year were about US$20,000, or fifth among the pro players.

6. they have examined 94 former pro players.

7. The Tapers were a top AAU club team in the 1950s featuring many former collegiate stars and pro players.

8. Teams are made up of former junior, college and pro players, but also feature local players.

9. Ripley would enjoy numerous achievements including being voted among the ten best pro players from 1909 to 1926.

10. The Washington Glory was established as a new franchise, picking up many of the former Brakettes' pro players.

11. Nightly events at Cotton Bowl features bands, well known preachers, and pro players from various sporting teams.

12. He also worked with the Academy of Pro Players located in Hawthorne, New Jersey as a pitching instructor.

13. The game features several variants of pool (pocket billiards), and simulated pro players.

14. Gamers represented top NFL athletes and got the chance to meet their respective pro players along the way.

15. Previously, players had been part-time semi-pro players paid a stipend for their participation.

16. Adding to his awards he was named a CFL Pro Players All-Star for the first time in his career.

17. The Mules have a large number of current pro players, especially considering that UCM is a Division II school.

18. He went into sports radio broadcasting, often sharing comments on basketball games with other former pro players.

19. He was one of the first pro players on record.

20. Some pro players have chosen a 12- or 14-string pedal steel for touring and recording sessions.

21. Another incentive for SOCOM Pro players is an exclusive pair of weapons.

22. Pro players play alongside Basic players in all game modes.

23. In December 2009, Clean Air Cab sponsored the Pro Players Classic charity golf tournament.

24. Over the next few years, a number of excellent semi-pro players played for the Asylums.

25. He ended the year tied for 7th on 52 points, and Level 8 in the Pro Players Club.

26. Clayster is one of the most recognized and popular pro players in CoD history.

27. The organization also has a mentorship program to train Japanese emerging pro players.

28. they used a mix of non-NBA pro players and college players and finished with the bronze medal.

29. it really makes you question how much of StarCraft's diverse possibilities pro players have really explored".

30. I'm practising with a few different pro players to get as ready as I can.