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pro-French in a sentence

1. Jefferson continued his pro-French stance;

2. Moreover, it antagonized the pro-French faction at the Swedish court.

3. Haig being very suspicious of the pro-French sympathies of Henry Wilson.

4. Stresemann was not, however, in any sense pro-French.

5. The population of Lebanon was pro-French;

6. Most of the leading political families in Obwalden became pro-French.

7. and the resignation of the castellans of Bruges and Ghent, deemed pro-French.

8. Josephine was by referred to as pro-French and anti-Russian.

9. Shortly after he became Catholic and joined the pro-French faction.

10. Maxse was also pro-French and pro-Polish.

11. Samatam was a pro-French activist.

12. Many tribes developed internal pro-English and pro-French factions.

13. Both her first spouse and her brother, Stanisław, were pro-French.

14. All but a few pro-French Spaniards rejected this document.

15. He was a staunch pro-French politician.

16. ZLN foreign policy was pro-French and anti-German.

17. It was pro-French, in contrast with Sabil al-Rashid and his later writings.

18. He was subsequently a major pro-French figure in papal diplomacy.

19. The principal candidate of the pro-French party was d'Estouteville.

20. Hepzibah and James Swan were both pro French;

21. Skelton was rabidly pro-French, and his hatred of the Dutch was legendary.

22. The Duke also had a pro-French policy.

23. He was a member of the pro-French Muslim Party for Progress (PMPRO).

24. Guise continued the pro-French policy, appointing Frenchmen to key positions.

25. By 1485 the pro-French faction had organised an army of supporters.

26. Pro-French partisans were arrested, including three canons.

27. His pro-French attitude, aroused the disapproval of his clergy.

28. He then joined pro-French forces.

29. The net impact to the culture was one which was positively pro-French.

30. His pro-French attitude engendered much criticism in the wider Jewish public.