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1 Meanwhile, in front of a large screen erected outside the court complex, pro - and anti-Mubarak crowds have hurled stones at each other.
2 Here's a portrait of Steve Jobs made out of parts of a Macbook Pro, issued by web design company Mint Digital.
3 She jabbed the shot quickly and precisely, like a pro.
4 Dressed in impeccably cut suits and wheeling his carry-on bag with the deftness of a seasoned pro, he glides through airports and chain hotels as if he owned them, as in a sense he does.
5 It's not a scientific survey, since those polled are a self-selected sampling and tend to feel strongly about certain sites, both pro and con.
6 I'm practising with a few different pro players to get as ready as I can.
7 Whether he objected to the Megrahi gambit or promoted it, Kusa was kicked upstairs in 2009 to become foreign minister, where his diplomacy, conducted in public, would be more pro forma than proactive.
8 Arab country with a major, full-scale armed insurrection, it is not quite a stalemate as there is an ebb and flow dynamic to the conflict between pro- and anti-Gaddafi forces.
9 In a ruse to attract a AAA rating for the SPV's bonds, each member will have to provide a guarantee for 120% of its pro rata share in the scheme.
10 But with Pro you can go even further and drill down into individual customer transactions at the code level.
11 The student -librarians come from the readers a nd serve for the readers, possessing such a special human resource, the library is able to improve its service quality and pro mote its own development.
12 It's a great excuse to spend quality time together, pick up tips from a pro, and improve your game, whether you're a newbie or a diehard links enthusiast.
13 Takeaway: Everyone seems to agree that it is a tough field. But what does it take to overcome the adversities and become a successful it pro?
14 Disregard this "pro" if: you have built a deep understanding of accounting, finance, operations, strategy, and marketing in addition to whatever you ultimately specialize in.
15 NASCAR does at times seem like little more than pro wrestling with fenders.
16 About a week ago, I blogged about Facebook opening up their CPC advertising via Facebook Flyers Pro.
17 Pro SEO’s would not be so obvious and stupid as to blatantly use keywords as a person’s name when the links are no followed.
18 This paper mainly introduced the pro cess, principle and main contents on revision of DL/T5178-2003Technica l Specification for Concrete Dam Safety Monitoring.
19 Ana DE Pro, chief financial officer.
20 Gonzalez radioed for an ambulance, Ugg Lo Pro Button, then waded through the tall grass toward Herring's car.
21 The Pro version of WinAmp even has unrestricted CD ripping and burning capibilities.
22 Josh Barnett, pro wrestler and martial arts champ: Shelby Mustang, Dodge Challenger, Mercury Cyclone, etc.
23 in his first major as a pro, Woods made Augusta National beg for mercy.
24 12 - inch Masters mini - putter in the Augusta National pro shop.
25 We'll teach you how to dribble, pass and shoot like a pro!
26 The WWF suggested keeping an unexploited core of Ngoyla-Mintom while the rest is opened to limited “sustainable” hunting and forestry. The quid pro quo would be a lower rent.
27 Pro: NFL preseason games sell out in Mexico and Japan, and last year a regular season game in London was the hottest ticket in town.
28 Over the last two years and 14 trades, he's had an eclectic assortmentof items in his possession, including an iPod touch, various dirt bikes, aMacBook Pro, a golf cart, and a 1975 Ford Bronco.
29 From an it perspective, these services can be modeled as use cases, and the functional and nonfunctional requirements of the use cases can be traced (in a tool like Requisite Pro).
30 For example, there are documented procedures for managing business scope, functional and non-functional requirements related to the models using Requisite pro.