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No. sentence
1 For example, booking would be an entity for booking for a hotel room, but there are different types of bookings: advance; immediate; priority; and so on.
2 The international community's first priority is to find the means to make aid more than just a feeding trough for local warlords.
3 The habit of giving priority to arms, military affairs, should be established more thoroughly in the whole of society.
4 Top priority for me is getting him off this plane so I can finally set down my gun.
5 In this illustration, analysis confirmed that the organization had an urgent need and provided a clear priority for this need to be addressed.
6 In this case, however, my priority was not the batch interface.
7 How do you effectively measure the number of outstanding Priority One defects?
8 These issues should clearly be at the top of the priority list.
9 One of the simplest examples of priority inversion, illustrated in the top diagram in Figure 2, involves three threads: one high (h), one medium (m), and one low (l) priority thread.
10 His priority, however, is still to use force.
11 In particular, many have pointed out that people, analyzing any image unconsciously, give priority to the right side, as most of us are right-handed.
12 He says even if the stalled relations last a long time, President Lee's government places top priority on "fixing" South Korean policy toward the North.
13 You specify an absolute priority (and not an adjustment) for the process or processes to be changed as shown in Listing 10.
14 Since the new change request has a high priority and will affect other work he is doing, the developer decides to work on it immediately.
15 Environmental groups, meanwhile, readily concede that mobilizing against meat eaters is not their highest priority.
16 Last but not least: documentation has to be perfect, so this will always be high priority in the future.
17 This feature uses an obscure aspect of the C language to simplify the specification of message level or priority.
18 Another example is priority inheritance, a locking policy that defines how lock synchronization is managed when a lock is contested.
19 You can also sort the task list by priority, start date, and due time.
20 Many people might indeed die of flu, but they might also die of a nuclear attack, an asteroid strike or a dozen other diseases and accidents now receiving lower priority.
21 First, we implement a stabilization plan to stop the rot," he says, counting off on his fingers, "pegging the currency to something of real value is top priority.
22 The final assessment needs to include a description of what needs to change, ranked by priority, plus recommendations on how to make the changes, and cost estimates for each change listed.
23 Another question is whether paying customers can influence the priority of bug fixes?
24 Testing often gets a low priority because of other projects or often gets rushed to get something into production.
25 Harper, a somewhat wooden figure regularly mocked for his lack of flair , told reporters on Thursday that meeting Bono was not a priority.
26 But still only a quarter of European businesses are using IPV6 — the rest should be making this a priority.
27 Each person writes his or her priorities on large post-it notes, one priority per note, and then sticks them to a board or large sheet of paper where everyone can see them.
28 If your priority, then, is to get him the help he seems to need, tread very carefully lest you push him further back into silence.
29 The last limitation of the solution is that there is no priority or FIFO approach.
30 It makes the compilation thread operate at a lower priority than RT tasks and is tuned to avoid generating code with severely nondeterministic performance effects.