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1 The team also prioritizes which application architecture needs to be created and ensures that the it priorities are aligned with the business needs.
2 You have to jump through hoops just to ask the user for a piece of input which should be really the thing a language prioritizes.
3 Competing data could result in more complex integration specification that either prioritizes data from one data source from the other or includes the most recent data.
4 While the customer prioritizes the requirements for business value and criticality, the development team estimates the effort and cost, and brings in the expertise where the architectural risks lie.
5 how to take tests discourages innovation and creativity, punishes divergent thinking, and prioritizes skills over knowledge.
6 JCSP provides a class called PriParallel that prioritizes the processes passed to it.
7 One of the best things about using iOS devices is their excellent battery life, and that’s a feature Apple prioritizes.
8 The SOA COE prioritizes the service against other services.
9 Nambiar says that such action is needed "within a broader macroeconomic policy context that prioritizes equity".
10 Prioritizes functional characteristics over some non-functional characteristics, namely high availability and load balancing.
11 growth of people and company performance. It prioritizes making a difference and getting things done.
12 Clearly, Agile is oriented around results: incremental delivery of working software that prioritizes customer requirements.
13 Figure 1 illustrates a Recovery Protocol that prioritizes several critical project attributes.
14 That's where literature analysis and computational modeling can help. It prioritizes.
15 product owner owns the product backlog*, and controls and prioritizes the functionality, but the Scrum team estimates the effort.
16 When the average person takes in sensory information from the environment, he or she intuitively filters it, prioritizes it, and responds in a purposeful way.
17 Chinese government highly prioritizes the development of relations with the EU and the Netherlands.
18 Figure 4: Domain analysis generates and prioritizes projects.
19 The aim is to foster a more dynamic evaluation system that prioritizes environmental standards.
20 The first one is an indicator that prioritizes each topic on a scale of relative importance.
21 This company prioritizes quality and after-sales service. You are welcome to join our marketing team or taste our products, Your comment or advice is highly appreciated.
22 The plan - a financial "to do" list - prioritizes your actions and lets you set a date on which to complete the last step.
23 Therefore, we need a report that prioritizes failures and tells us about actual downtime, versus a potentially misleading list of daily build results.
24 The application sorts and prioritizes these orders, comparing them against manufacturing rules and the customer's installed hardware base.
25 Prioritizes the requests and uses its knowledge of the status of the application servers to determine which application server the request should be routed to.
26 Novomer prioritizes carbon sources based on purity and concentration of CO2.
27 While theorists and activists have established "relatively stable constellations of anarchist principles", there is no consensus on which principles are core and commentators describe multiple "anarchisms" (rather than a singular "anarchism") in which common principles are shared between schools of anarchism while each group prioritizes those principles differently.
28 Otherwise the several FOs communicate with a higher FDC such as at a Battalion level, and the higher FDC prioritizes the targets and allocates fires to individual batteries as needed to engage the targets that are spotted by the FOs or to perform preplanned fires.
29 Critics of capitalism argue that it establishes power in the hands of a minority capitalist class that exists through the exploitation of the majority working class and their labor, prioritizes profit over social good, natural resources and the environment and is an engine of inequality, corruption and economic instabilities.
30 A psychosocial factor related to accident risk is safety climate, which refers to employees' perceptions of the extent to which their work organization prioritizes safety.