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1 These three principles of humor are illustrated by the classic slip on the banana peel.
2 We should live by our own principles.
3 Below we look at these principles of design and how they relate to minimalism.
4 However, by the end of the semester, I noticed the more principles I applied to my work, the better the animation.
5 We therefore welcome the reports of the London Jobs Conference and the Rome Social Summit and the key principles they proposed.
6 And literally everything that you see, every computer, every mobile phone, every device, descends from the principles that were invented right here.
7 Learn the fundamental principles of software engineering.
8 These factors are addressed by the next two principles of systems engineering.
9 His actions and his memory enabled America to move beyond a young collection of States to become a free and unified Nation, striving for the promises and principles for which so many fought and died.
10 It does not fully resolve our concerns, but it gives us a set of basic principles on which to move forward.
11 This is one of the reasons I started this site, to communicate these universal principles so that everyone could partake in their benefits.
12 Romans 12 teaches us six foundational principles for what it takes to change anything in your life.
13 Both exist with absolute certainty, though of course each exists and operates according to its own set of laws and principles.
14 Let me share you some of my simple yet effective principles.
15 Neglecting these core principles have weakened the US and strengthened Asian economies, he noted.
16 This means you should define your components to be used in contexts not yet thought of and should apply proper componentization principles to your design.
17 Countries' stimulus plans should be built around common principles, even if they differ in the details.
18 In this article we present 30 important usability issues, terms, rules and principles which are usually forgotten, ignored or misunderstood.
19 You don't follow your own principles.
20 We think that the principles and purposes of the UN Charter should be the basic norms for us to handle international affairs.
21 Begin to think from the standpoint of the eternal truths and principles of life and not from the standpoint of fear, ignorance, and superstition.
22 Heritage Foundation is running a “first principles” project “to save America by reclaiming its truths and its promises and conserving its liberating principles for ourselves and our posterity”.
23 I'll be happy if some of them do read what follows, because Lord knows that too many have forgotten or abandoned some vital principles.
24 This section will show you how to implement the principles discussed in this article.
25 We never deviate from our principles.
26 God sees the minds (ruling principles) of all men bared of the material vesture and rind and impurities.
27 The purpose of these principles is to cover all your bases before presenting your designs.
28 's right to stick to the principles, but not to stand on.
29 His behaviour does not accord with his principles.
30 We cannot barter away our principles.