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1 On Tuesday night, ministers were still discussing whether any of the agreements reached in principle could be salvaged.
2 must do the directed principle between the leader and all employees.
3 On matters of principle we should be clear-cut in attitude, and by no means be equivocal.
4 paper introduces the principle and realized method of long distance reset of the outstation in microcomputer control and monitoring system with changing the form of communication data.
5 I've found that the majority of failures occur because this principle is ignored.
6 We have already stated the general principle that we should prefer business domain names for services and operations, using verbs for operation names.
7 Although the thread scheduler, in principle, may switch threads in the middle and run them in different order, it tends not to.
8 Greeks mastered the principle of imagination and association to memorize everything.
9 learn a language we must follow the principle of gradual improvement.
10 The philosopher demonstrated a philosophical principle.
11 This principle was famously demonstrated by Galileo Galilei some 400 years ago when he simultaneously dropped cannon and musket balls, and balls made of gold, silver and wood, from the Tower of Pisa.
12 The principle is that in the process of learning how to do one thing really well, we learn how to learn.
13 By the data in memory principle, you can dramatically increase performance by moving the data from disk to memory.
14 Whoever wins, what matters next is that the result should be accepted by the loser and Kenyans should be seen to endorse the principle of peaceful competition.
15 This leads to the final system engineering principle: Base the lifecycle on removing risk and adding value.
16 agreed to at the JCCT were important statements of principle and policy - but they must be turned into concrete action with results.
17 And so you, in principle, can measure the red shifts and the blue shifts as they go around each other.
18 When talking to the media, we need to adhere to strict standards of transparency about clients, and this incident underscores the absolute importance of that principle.
19 I have already fought for that principle in court and will do so again in the future.
20 All of this we can associate with the pleasure principle.
21 I've already illustrated this principle in action.
22 we should persist in the city operation principle, strengthen the characteristic economy, develop the brand economy, and promote the citys core competition ability.
23 One corollary of this general principle is that services should not be stateful.
24 GE have shown the proof of principle; now the goal is to make synthetic replications of the butterfly wings and design them appropriately for maximum response.
25 engineering principle is no different — the steady currents found in coastal of water like Canada's Bay of Fundy turn the rotors of an underwater turbine.
26 principle of accountability can be established when we in India have the laws.
27 In principle, it should also be possible with concerted action to arrest, if not reverse, another growing problem, the rise of slime.
28 Independence and sovereign equality among states is a fundamental principle of international law.
29 His guiding principle has been never to stop learning.
30 But I want to emphasize that these reforms are rooted in a simple principle.