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primitive frogs in a sentence

1. The suborder Archaeobatrachia contains four families of primitive frogs.

2. It is believed to have differentiated from pectineus muscle, and this differentiation has not occurred in the primitive frogs.

3. Frogs and toads are broadly classified into three suborders: Archaeobatrachia, which includes four families of primitive frogs;

4. The tailed frogs share certain characteristics with the Leiopelma, a genus of primitive frogs native to New Zealand, with which they may be phylogenetic sister taxa.

5. Leiopelma is a genus of New Zealand primitive frogs, belonging to the suborder Archaeobatrachia.

6. The New Zealand primitive frogs' defining characteristics are their extra vertebrae (for a total of nine) and the remains of the tail muscles (the tail itself is absent in adults, although it is present in the younger frogs, which need the extra skin surface until their lungs are fully developed).

7. The Alytidae are a family of primitive frogs.

8. Archaeobatrachia is a suborder of the order Anura containing various primitive frogs and toads.

9. As the name literally suggests, these are the most primitive frogs.

10. Palaeobatrachus (meaning "ancient frog" in Greek) was a genus of primitive frogs from Europe that existed from the Thanetian to the middle Pleistocene period (Ionian Stage) (621-568ka), and possibly the Late Cretaceous.

11. Phylogenetically they stand between primitive frogs (fire-bellied toads, midwife toads) on the one side and higher frogs (the family of true toads, tree frogs, and the family of true frogs) on the other and are therefore – among other things by characteristics of bone construction – in the suborder Mesobatrachia.