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1 AAA is a localized widening and weakening of the abdominal aorta, and primarily affects elderly Caucasian men who smoke, have high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.
2 Better History declares that 'it is by the acquisition and use of historical knowledge that historians are primarily judged' - but in reality that only makes a Mastermind contestant.
3 However, my interest is primarily in software for engineering and manufacturing.
4 The eastern influence entered the west primarily through the great trading cities of Venice, Ravenna, and Marseilles and appeared in these cities first.
5 However, we will only have one plug-in for this exercise, primarily to limit the scope of this article.
6 Adding these features is primarily a function of adding the appropriate code lines into our existing framework, so most of this article will be showing you what code to add and where.
7 EA-18G Maintenance Trainer (EAMT) is a set of three devices used to train Navy maintenance technicians to support the EA-18G's unique systems, primarily the AEA avionics.
8 Food prices were down as well, primarily due to a big drop in fresh vegetable prices.
9 This section was also jarring because it primarily consisted of backdoor brags.
10 We know Socrates primarily from the accounts of other writers: from his student, Plato, from Xenophon, the historian, as well as from the plays of Aristophanes.
11 Cures for the major killers, such as cancers of the lung, breast and liver, remain elusive primarily because of the unpredictable nature of cancer cells.
12 star join plan utilizing push-down hash join technology makes hash joins more effective primarily due to reduction of fact table (probe table) rows early on.
13 According to a AAAS analysis, the NIH bio defense budget, administered primarily by the us National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, faces a 0.7% cut.
14 For neonates and infants (up to one year old), prevention and care for illnesses are both very important, and both focus primarily on the mother and other caretakers.
15 It carries the virus from one host to another, primarily between monkeys, from monkeys to humans, and from person to person.
16 While the crisis primarily afflicts Greece, where French and German banks have most at stake, this abstention will be wearily tolerated on the continent.
17 Credit should be supplied by the free market, in which case it will almost always be offered intelligently, primarily to producers, not consumers.
18 Monkeypox occurs primarily in remote villages in Central and West Africa, near tropical rainforests.
19 primarily nocturnal frogs live among the leaf litter in the Amazon rainforests. They are avid feeders, employing a sit-and-wait ambush on their prey.
20 We believe that smoking should be permitted outdoors except in very particular circumstances, such as outdoor areas primarily designated for children," a company spokesman said.
21 The UML model is more refined and formal, but it remains synthetic and readable because it is intended primarily as a communication device between the team members.
22 view out of Tranquility was primarily designed to give astronauts a way to see the outside of the station itself, it also provides a stunning panoramic view of Earth and space.
23 The IHR (1969) were primarily intended to monitor and control six serious infectious diseases: cholera, plague, yellow fever, smallpox, relapsing fever and typhus.
24 The products under discussion also support additional organizational tools that help primarily with how models can be navigated and how diagrams are grouped.
25 Some argue this amounts to the energy companies charging consumers for upgrades that will primarily save the companies money, through the end of meter reading.
26 An internship must primarily benefit the intern, who must work under close supervision and not displace existing staff.
27 wolves were reintroduced into the park, which is primarily in the US state of Wyoming, though it also extends into Montana and Idaho.
28 This file spec primarily represents the screening and assessment tool for all residents of skilled nursing facilities certified to participate in Medicare and Medicaid.
29 Krulwich said that his program is primarily a science show, but most listeners don't think of it that way, because the show's unique format turns science reporting on its head.
30 It doesn't have the PIM apps that users would expect from a PDA, but many devices that are designed as PDAs are used primarily for other applications, such as Web and E-mail access.